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Welcome to Belgium Electronic Music!

This a a group for lovers of all styles of electronic music, especially the less commercial genres, styles and events. We mostly go to parties, clubs and concerts in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and elsewhere in Belgium but may also propose events beyond the Belgian borders and private events. The events are not sponsored to appear in the group and the intention is rather to curate a quality list of events in order to guide members to the best of what is going on, obviously only events that at least someone from the group is going to. We cover all dance styles and events (techno, house, DnB etc) as well as related downtempo and ambient styles. Everyone has their own tastes but as a group we try to maintain a broad approach driven by the members.

For background information on the Belgian scene please look in the discussion section (work in progress).

This is intended to be a safe and respectful group which is oriented towards our shared love of music. It is NOT A DATING GROUP and it is not allowed to send bilateral messages to other members you haven't met unless there is a reasonable justification for it. Behavior not in the spirit of the group will result in exclusion from it. In the hopefully unlikely event that anyone encounters any problems please let me know so that we keep the group safe for everyone. Please also keep your attendance at events up to date: three consecutive no-shows and you're out.

It is our aim to facilitate meeting up with new members before going into events so we can get to know each other a bit first. In most cases this will only work if, as a new member, you (a) indicate you actually want to meet in advance and (b) give me your phone number so I can add you to the Whatsapp group which we create for each event, all of this sufficiently in advance of the actual event. Note that some venues have no mobile coverage inside and in any case no one wants to check their phone every five minutes once the party has really started (well, some people do do that, but not me anyway ;) ). The advantage of the Whatsapp group is that everyone coordinates with everyone else and it doesn't depend on a single person. If you don't use Whatsapp, then... install it ;) If I am not the organizer of a particular event, then please give your details to the person who is: even if I know you, they may not.

As any community, we rely on you, so please do suggest events and contribute your ideas and enthusiasm! Everyone is welcome to propose events but please be ready to host what you propose, or otherwise just suggest it to me by private message. Please communicate with the other attendees in advance of the event if the meeting point and other details are not already included in the event description.

It is group policy that members have recognizable photos and use reasonable names which also identify them in real life (it doesn't have to be your full name and may be a nickname that you actually use). Attendees registered to an event who do not have pictures of themselves on their profile may be ignored, as experience shows that these people often do not show up.

You are also invited to join our Facebook group which we use for more exploratory discussions, general matters and last minute ideas. There is a sister group for sharing music tips.

https://www.facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BelgiumElectronicMusic/)....

Don't be put off if you only see a few people signed up for a particular event as it is likely we are with a larger group in reality given that the group exists already a few years and by now many of us know each other and other people within the scene.

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