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Let's get together in Bellevue and play soccer/ futbol. All skill levels are welcome. Depending on the number of people, we can play a short-sided game or just kick/throw it around for some exercise. There's a number of fields we can play at during the week or weekends (i.e. Downtown Bellevue Park). Looking forward to meeting you...


Welcome to Bellevue Futbol & Soccer Group.


This group was created to have an easy way to get together with likeminded people and enjoy some easy-going pick-up soccer. All ages and skill levels are welcome. There are no fees required to participate. The main goal is to get some exercise in and have some fun!

Meet-up Scheduling and Field Availability

This group meets in various locations around Bellevue almost every weekend. We try to play on turf fields as much as possible particularly fall/winter/spring. Since we do no charge for attendance, we do not have the capability to reserve fields. As such, an organizer usually calls the Bellevue Parks Department on wed/thur to find out if there are any openings in between league-scheduled games during the weekend (fields cannot be reserved with less than 5 day notice). Meet-ups for the coming weekend are usually announced on Wed/Thur.

During summer, when we are not constrained by the lack of sunlight in the evening, we try to schedule games during the mid-week. We’ve also scheduled a few weekday noon games before but these are usually pretty low attendance.

Facebook discussion page

We have a facebook pageat https://www.facebook.com/groups/BellevuePickupSoccer/

Use this to ask questions or share anything soccer related.

Please try to show up at least 15 minutes before the start time to help setup the goals, stretch, warm up and select teams. This way we can start playing on time and get the most out of the time we are allowed on the field.


Some rules/guidelines and further details:

1. Please respect the RSVP system.

Please RSVP if you are planning to show up. If circumstances change and you aren’t going to make, change your RSVP. This will help us get a more accurate idea of how many people are showing up. If the RSVP continues to get out of hand, we will consider making the system mandatory.

2. Pass the ball (also see #3)

Soccer is a team sport. We all take the time out of our weekend to come out and play. Some of us drive pretty far in pursuit of a productive, cohesive game. So before dribbling into a crowd and losing possession, think about it and PASS THE BALL.

3. Dribbling

We have quite a few really good dribblers with awesome control and it's pretty awesome to see them do their thing. It's also great that less experienced people try to improve their dribbling in "real game situations". But please know your limits - if you are constantly trying to dribble and lose possession, you break up good team plays and frustrate your teammates.

It’s one thing to try to take someone one on one to create space for a run/pass/shot on goal and an entirely different scenario when you are constantly doing “tricks” as you stumble into a crowd of 5 people.

Remember: the rest of us do not come to these games to see you show off your flashy moves

If you are being a ball hog/sink and not responding to the rest of your team, an organizer will give you several warnings. If you maintain this behavior, you will be asked to leave the game and possibly the meet-up group.

4. Defense and overall positioning

It's absolutely unfair and utterly frustrating when people do not defend. I do notcome to the game to spend the whole time defending because everyone else is pitching tents by the opposition goal. I know everyone wants to be a striker and put a few goals in, but be courteous - play up front for a little, then switch out with someone who's been faithfully guarding our goal.

Rotation is important, but of course if you have a really good striker on your team, it’s probably less productive to have him play last man in defense. Listen to your team.

If you get tired easily and are not going to be running around and chasing the ball, give the other players on your team a chance to play up front. If you are going to stand around, you might as well stand around in front of your goal and get in the way of the opposing team.

When your team loses the ball, make the effort to run back and help out with defense. Don’t just sit by the other team’s goal and cherry pick – this breaks the game. If you are playing as a striker, you should be pressing the opposing defense into making mistakes and NOT role-playing as a tree.

5. Dangerous play

Remember that when defending, the object is to get the ball, not the man. So, please keep your arms down, watch your high kicks. We all have day jobs; no one can afford an injury. If you're guilty of a borderline foul, just say "My bad" instead of arguing. It would go a long way to deescalate a situation. By participating in this meetup group, you show that you understand the risk of injury. So, please don't hold the group or organizers responsible for your injuries. Protect yourself at all times. Don't fly into tackles. It's best to keep healthy and keep playing than to win a tackle and end up in the hospital. No one needs that. If in doubt, pull out of tackles. Stay on your feet as much as possible.

If you make an intentional bad tackle/foul, chances are an organizer will give you a talk right there and then. Keep doing it and you will be asked to leave.

6. We want an atmosphere of fun, friendly competition.

We want to make friends and build community, so, it's ok to tell jokes and have a good time, but we're truly out here because we love and want to play soccer. In order to maintain an embracing atmosphere, we don't allow hate speech of any kind towards one another, especially based on race, religion, gender and sexual orientations. Members should also refrain from unwanted sexual advances. Offenders will be warned. Repeated offenders will be kicked out.

Competitive attitudes are welcome BUT no confrontations, fights or any other unsportsmanlike behavior.

There are different levels of players in the group. All are welcome. Don't discourage beginners. Be patient and offer advice rather than negative remarks.

Coaching/commanding needs to be in check, some people don't respond well to it. So try to keep your frustrations low and be positive and constructive on the field, if you notice that everyone pushed up to attack and your side is vulnerable to a counter - yell something like "We need more defense!" or "Runner back post!" rather than "What the f*** are you guys doing!"

If you cause problems for the group with a negative attitude or start fights (verbally or physically) you will be asked to leave and if it happens a second time, you will be banned.

If you have an issue with another player (maybe someone bumped you, or stepped on your foot), please do not start any confrontations. An organizer or event host is always available for any conflict resolution. Do not take matters into your own hands.

7. Shooting on goal

Please take it easy with shooting. You don't need a rocket to score. We play without goalies and you can hurt someone if you whack the ball straight at their face. The goals are also not meant to take that punishment and we've already had 1 of them ripped because the shot was too strong. These goals are 80$ a pop and we paid out of pocket so that we don't have to play with bags for goals.

8. Smaller games

Whenever possible, we will be limiting games to 7 players per side. This way, more people can get a decent amount of touches on the ball and there is less standing around. We will be breaking up into multiple games rather than playing one really big game. We do not play with the big goals and/or goalies so there is absolutely no benefit of playing 11 v 11 or more.

This will influence the importance of the RSVP system as previously discussed. If meet-up attendance becomes an issue, people on the RSVP list will have preference for being on the field. People who do not bother to RSVP will either have to wait on the sidelines or just be turned away d/t lack of space.

Limiting the first game of the meetup (if you show up late…)

We will limit the first game of the meetup to 14 people. This is in line with our 7 vs 7 preference. The first 14 people to show up to a meetup will be the first game.

If you show up after the game has started and there are already 14 people on the field, please start setting up for the second game. This includes setting up the goals and waiting for other people to show up. 90% of the time in winter, and 100% in summer, we have two games going. If you show up late(r), then you have wait for more people. If we don’t get enough people for a second game after a while, one of the organizers will tell you to join. Any other exceptions will be handled by an organizer.

Letting everyone join in at the start and then stopping to break into two games, breaks the existing game rhythm and ruins the experience of the people who got there before you. We understand that everyone wants to play as soon as they show up, but those who arrive early will always have the preference.

9. Helping out

Please assist the organizers during set-up and take-down of the small goals. There is no reason why the organizers must be the first and last people at the meet-up.

We will occasionally ask for donations from the members. These are not required but are greatly appreciated. At the moment, Kenji pays the meet-up subscription out of his pocket. Both pairs of the goals and pinnies have been purchased by the organizers.

We may try to get a pool going in the future to get replacements or maybe even another pair of goals. We are also considering a future plan to get some meet-up specific jerseys/shirts.

10. Proposing other times for meet-ups.

You are always welcome to propose other times for meet-ups – you can call the parks department or if you know of an available field. We understand that some people can’t make any of the meet-ups that we generate due to time constraints. Rather than complaining, just suggest or create a new meet-up day/time. As soon as a meet-up is suggested, all the organizers get an email and someone will help you with the announcement etc.

11. Restarting Play (Throw-ins, corner kicks, fouls, goal kicks)

When the ball leaves the field of play (i.e. throw in or goal kick), the team whose ball it is will restart the play by kicking the ball in. Keep the first pass on the ground to avoid people banging heads. During these restarts, the opposing team can’t challenge the person taking the first kick. To make things simpler, allow roughly 15 feet of space as you would for a standard free kick (which is 10 yards, but our games are smaller). This allows the possessing team to restart play without being needlessly harassed and discouraging long restarting passes.

For fouls such as strong play or hand-ball, the simplest thing to do is to play the ball back towards restarting teams’ goal.

For goal kick restarts, you have to pass the ball in from around the goal line. You can’t just dribble the ball into play and start running down field. The opposing team will give the restart kick (from goal line) roughly 15 feet of space as above. After the ball is played in, the opposing team is welcome to press and challenge.

These rules replace the previously used “First pass is free rule”.

12. Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Statement

By joining our meetup, all players will discharge and covenant not to sue its organizers, and meetup from liability from any and all claims arising from both ordinary and gross negligence. This agreement applies to 1) personal injury from accidents or illnesses arising from participation in organized activities, observation, and individual use of the facilities, premises, or equipment; and to 2) any and all claims resulting from the damage to, loss of, or theft of property.

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