Monthly Meetup at Microsoft Reactor Redmond


Introduction to Code Katas with Justin Lee
This is an interactive activity. You will need your laptop.

What are Code Katas?
Code Katas are a fun way to do coding exercises, in *any* language you want. It's a good practice to keep increasing your skills as a coder. You can practice the same kata over and over to continue improving, get feedback from others, and move on to more difficult problems to solve.

“Choose Your Own Adventure with Eleventy” by Brian Gershon
Let’s walk through creating content and features quickly with Eleventy and off-the-shelf Vanilla JS. I’ll start with an intro, discuss the problem being solved, compare a bit with Gatsby, and accelerate into generating 10,000 pages.

6:00 -- Arrive and Socialize. Eat pizza.
6:30 -- Code Katas Activity with Justin
7:30 -- Open Floor
7:40 -- Choose Your Own Adventure with Eleventy by Brian