What we're about

We bring out the best in each other.

By focusing on the positive qualities of each of us, we help to lift one another up.
The intention of our group is to build community and support one another through this interesting journey called life. Our philosophy is simple... life is better when we experience it together. Our meetup group is a platform for new friendships, meaningful connections and lots of laughs... if we're not having fun then we're not doing it right!

We come together once a week to share different teachings, explore new perspectives and implement empowering insights into our lives. Together we create a safe space for each of us to show up exactly as we are... flaws and all! We relate to our similarities, celebrate our differences and accept all our "flaws." We don't come here to be perfect... we come here to be real.

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How is it Going in your Kingdom (reality)?

Online event

Manifesting & Self Responsibility

Manifesting is a natural phenomena, that unless you are aware of it's existence you can be fooled into believing you have no control in your life. Turns out we have been in full control the entire time. Such a relief to be aware that it doesn't take much more than understanding you can change your world by changing your mind habits. Not just change it for better but live your dreams. Your kingdom is your reality and all people place and things in your awareness. .. How do you feel about these conclusions? Can you see examples in your life where you have noticed this manifesting ability? This effect you have on your world?

Being an Impact Player

Online event

Recently, I was listening to Brene Brown's podcast: Dare to Lead where she interviewed Liz Wiseman on Impact Players.

It was a phenomenal conversation. An Impact player - define and articulated as person who is: present, open, flexible, curious, ready to ask and adjust, ready to take action, ready to make themselves useful, and they make work light.
Attitude: I am ready at a moment’s notice to do what’s needed.

There was so much more. Let's get together and talk about our role as an impact player in our own lives.


As usual, we'll start the meetup with brief introductions, then move into a round table discussion around this week's topic and we will wrap up with our individual thoughts and insights from the meetup

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