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Honor your femininity, sensuality, creativity and become more fit, flexible, coordinated and so much more with belly dance fusion. Let's enjoy some fun waist trimming, thigh slimming, spine massaging dance drills and belly-rific combos!

I have been studying and dancing since early childhood, hula and ballet at that time. My journey into Middle Eastern and ethnic dances began around 1994-1996. I have studied dances such as Tahitian, Hula, Russian Gypsy, traditional Egyptian Bellydance, traditional Indian dance, Persian and burlesque. It's time for me to give back and share the knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to collect over the past few decades. Here I am.

Belly dance is a wonderful way to become more acquainted with your natural ability to perform slow snake-like and sensual undulating movements, improve your posture, enhance and accentuate your natural grace and strengthen your core, abs and lower back muscles.

Wear anything comfortable that allows you to move fluidly like you would wear to yoga class or a gym as a base if you haven't started a costume collection yet. Feel free to dress up, doll up or go completely Bohemian with your wardrobe. Whatever excites and inspires you and reminds you of how glamorous and sexy you are! Bring a bottle of water and a grain bar or piece of fruit if you like to give you some extra fuel. Join me as we share the love of dance, creativity and Sisterhood.

*Bellydance, belly dance, raqs sharqi, exotic dance, conscience movement, dance classes*

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