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You like to have a drink, but you don't want to see me get smashed.
You like to go dancing, but you also want to be in bed by 11pm.
You like to go kayaking just as much as you like a spa day.
You are as happy sharing a dorm room, as you are staying in a country manner.
You enjoy stimulating conversation, discussing the universe and its unseen forces, as much as you like a cheesy movie and a good laugh.

If you're looking for your own group to call family then come and join us. We don't fit the normal boxes or focus on one activity. We're 35+ (but not necessarily), we organise a whole host of activities as well as visit with other meetup groups.

Upcoming events (3)

Sunday Walk and Afternoon Tea at Stansted Park

Stansted Park

Meet for a walk around Stansted's woodlands, Arboretum, visit the maze and walled gardens, and shops, followed by afternoon tea in the Pavilion tea rooms. Please note, this won't be the 'official' order of afternoon tea but rather ordering from the main counter. If you would like to order an afternoon tea, please call the Pavilion directly at least 3 days before and email to let the organiser know to help manage times and expectations.

Create the life you imagine

Gatcombe House

You are Invited: To an Extraordinary Conversation about The Landmark Forum Imagine life beyond your wildest dreams... Experiencing each day as new and unique day, free from the constraints and limitations of the past… full of possibility, self-expression, and aliveness; with the freedom to make a difference for yourself and others. Over 90% of the people who complete The Landmark Forum report the following benefits: • Greater effectiveness in relating to others • Increased personal productivity • Freedom in making the right choices/Pursuing what is important to you • Greater confidence • Living life more fully Which of these benefits would make a difference in your life? The Landmark Forum is a three-day-and-one-evening course designed to unlock the limitless possibilities in your life. We invite you to find out what The Landmark Forum is, what it makes available, and what it could provide for you and your life. Just bring yourself and a project, issue, or relationship you would like to take to the next level. Please bring your calendar and be prepared to register if you see The Landmark Forum would make a difference for you.

Total Release Experience® (TRE) Simple 5 Step Programme

Newdigate Village Hall

Need a little healing? We've just come across this and planning to try it out. We've heard it's a profound experience. ---- No Talking - No Touching - No Medicine Learn how to heal yourself from stress, anxiety, depression, tension, trauma including C/PTSD. Release tension, back, hip, neck, shoulders pain or IBS. The Total Release Experience® (TRE) ONLY with TRE UK® Bring yourself back into balance and heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Start to feel alive as you build resilience. 'It is rare in medicine to come across something that is potentially so cost-effective, that is safe and that teaches the patient to be self-reliant. It was also refreshing to see a local Pain Consultantrecommending it as it‘ fits very well with our bio-psycho-social model of pain management’. If it shows in trials what Caroline has seen many times over in her clients who have fibromyalgia, PTSD, anxiety for example, then I hope this will convince others to offer this as part of their treatment package. As doctors, we desperately need something other than medication they may not need or counselling that is more expensive. The future looks very exciting!' Dr Graham GP https://treuk.com/ £125. £30 booking in advance. Please book via website and let us know, so we can organise travelling together or look out for you at the event.

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Sunset Openair Screenings - Bohemian Rhapsody

South Parade Pier

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