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Precision Medicine is all about targeting medicines to specific molecular or digital biomarkers at the right dose. For precision medicine to become reality, data from the Genome (and all other OMEs such as phenome, proteome, metabolome, microbiome) and their environmental exposures (the exposome) combined with the individual's behavior and lifestyle (social determinants) have to be integrated and interpreted in the context of health, disease and aging.

This group aims to bring together Physician Investigators, Scientists, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Graduating Students, Job Seekers, Co-Founders, Innovators, Health IT enthusiasts, Data Scientists and Community Leaders. Topics can be wide ranging but will converge around how we can bring Transformative Innovation to the changing Healthcare paradigm driven by digital consumerism, patient centricity, OMICS bigdata analytics and precision medicine.

We will invite diverse speakers such as Researchers, Clinicians, Patient groups (non-profits), Federal Government, and Industry. Precision Medicine is all about aggregating, integrating and analyzing information from OMICS, environmental factors, social determinants of health, and behavior / lifestyle. This focused meetup will occur four times annually tentatively:

Meetup #1: Sep 20, 2018 Listen to and network with the hottest biohealth IT startup CXOs in the biohealth capital region.

Meetup #2: On or around Dec 15, 2018 Holiday party themed meetup - DNA cocktail

Meetup #3: Feb 2018 Rare diseases themed panel

Meetup #4: May 2018

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Rare Disease Panel: The Future of Drug Development for Rare Diseases
DigitalOMICS Networking Meetup & Holiday Party

Tez Restaurant and Sports Bar

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