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Peterson Ridge Trail - Advanced Beginner Mountain Ride

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The trail is generally easy with moderate difficulty sections in some locations and gains elevation as it heads south. There are a few small, rocky sections (both up and downhill), a few short climbs, miles upon miles of flowy singletrack, and some pretty amazing viewpoints.

This ride is recommended for advanced beginner riders that have a good awareness of bike handling and decent fitness for a moderately paced 17-19 mile ride.

Endurance Rating - E3 (out of 5 possible ratings) due to mileage and approximately 1200' of climbing. About 3.0 hours but, will depend on the # of stops.

Technical Rating - T2.5 due to a few, short rocky sections and twisty descents.

Pace - Steady pace with stops at major intersections and viewpoints. Nobody will be left behind.

(to see rating descriptions, click "More" tab above and select “Files”)

For those meeting in Bend, consider meeting at the Cascade Village Starbucks for carpooling.

After the ride, we'll head to the Hop 'n Bean or Three Creeks Brewing - depending on the group's wishes :)

**Rules of the Rides**

* Approved Cycling Helmets Required.

* Participants must be age 18 or over.

* To participate in a BACE Meetup activity, you must be a member of the BACE Meetup Group and be RSVP’d “Yes” for that specific activity. No “Plus 1’s”

* All participants should be “self-sufficient” with their own food, hydration, tools, spare tubes and first aid supplies necessary for the activity.

* No dogs permitted on group rides unless inclusion is specified in the activity description.

* Cycling activities may be significantly impacted by changing conditions (rain, snow, mud, road construction, etc.). Participants should monitor activities for cancellations or changes in location/route.

**Liability Waiver**

By signing up for this meetup, I agree to the following: I am age 18 or over. I understand that cycling activities can be dangerous and cause serious bodily injury or even possibly death. The organizers of this group and its members will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. Each rider attends an event at their own risk and is solely responsible for any damage or injury to their equipment, themselves or others.

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