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Have you had a spiritual experience?

Meet other people who have had experiences like you. Discuss intuition, out-of-body adventures, dreams, déjà vu, near-death experiences, seeing an inner light, hearing an inner sound, or having a sense that you have lived before. Have you always felt there something more? Are you looking for inner peace and wisdom?

The purpose of this Meetup group is to provide a common meeting ground for all who have had, or would like to have, a life-changing spiritual experience.

Sample Online Spiritual Discussion topics periodically offered:

--How to Survive (and Thrive) Spiritually in Our Times

--Have you had a Spiritual Experience?

--The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

--Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation

--Karma and Reincarnation

--The Reality of Spiritual Healing

--Animals are Soul too

--Mastering the Spiritual Laws of Life

--The Art of Spiritual Journaling

ECKANKAR offers Online Spiritual Discussions as a way for people to come and share their own experiences. If you prefer to come and listen, that's okay too! In a relaxed and nonjudgmental online setting, you'll have the opportunity to explore how divine spirit is working in your life. You'll also be able to learn useful and inspiring spiritual tools that will help you understand and enhance your spiritual experiences.

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"How To Have More Spiritual Experiences" — ECKANKAR Discussion

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You are not alone. Many people have spiritual experiences. Some people may not have a framework to understand them. But, your experiences "are" your reality.

You are invited to explore the eternal nature of you! Discover how spiritual experiences, past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel can help you gain valuable insights to improve the quality of your life, every day.

NOTE—This free discussion will be held via Zoom videoconferencing with a phone-only option and requires your RSVP to receive the access to the meeting via assigned meeting ID (AVAILABLE BELOW RIGHT ON THIS PAGE after RSVPing). Alternatively, please RSVP to discussion facilitator John Scevola at [masked]

This monthly online discussion is for all faiths, or all points of view if you don't have a faith. The discussion's overall purpose is to help you understand your spiritual experiences so that you can take your own steps on your personal journey.

• Discover how dreams and Soul Travel are a source of inner truth and wisdom.
• Find out how God speaks through everyday events and people.
• Learn how to solve problems by tapping into the Supreme Creative Force.
• For a happier life, gain insights into how past lives influence who you are today.

This discussion is sponsored by ECKANKAR, The Path of Spiritual Freedom. ECKANKAR is an ancient spiritual teaching and modern-day religion that provides tools to experience love and meaning in everyday life. We're here to support and enhance your personal journey, whatever it may be.

For more information about ECKANKAR in Oregon please visit https://www.EckankarOregon.org or https://www.Eckankar.org

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