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VISION QUEST: A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO MEMORABLE IMAGES SESSION TWO--TECHNICAL AND ARTISTIC ELEMENTS “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” --Ansel Adams Many photographers travel great distances, spend large quantities of money for equipment, and devote countless hours photographing and editing images in pursuit of memorable images. Other photographers want similar results but don’t know where to begin. While we all can create good photos, we’re introducing this new series of classes for those interested in improving the quality of their photographs and learning how to more consistently create more meaningful and memorable photographs. Vision Quest introduces a systematic approach to present fundamental concepts of photography and visual art principles as a foundation for learning how to critically analyze your photographs and the work of others. Sessions will be relaxed and conducted in an encouraging and supportive context. An initial lecture format of the classes will transition into a workshop format where these concepts and principles will be incorporated into a practical worksheet for systematically and pragmatically evaluating photographs. SESSION TWO MAIN TOPICS Technical Aspects (continued) 1. Exposure 2. Focus and sharpness 3. Depth/Depth of Field 4. Focal Length 5. White Balance and Color 6. Distracting Physical Elements Artistic Aspects A. Composition 1. Aspect ratio/Orientation 2. Avoid the middle 3. Background 4. Blur the Background 5. Compositional depth 6. Cropping 7. Fill the frame 8. Framing 9. Golden triangles and spirals 10. Leading Lines/Leads the Eye in/out 11. Paying attention to detail 12. Rule of Odds 13. Rule of Thirds 14. Simplify the scene 15. Space to move/negative space 16. Subject placement and prominence 17. Symmetry and Patterns 18. Texture 19. The Golden Ratio 20. Use diagonals 21. Use of Contrast 22. Viewpoint/Perspective/Sense of Scale

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The Bend Photographers Meetup Group aims to bring all levels of photographers together through shooting, sharing, and socializing in order to help them to improve their skills and expand their knowledge and passion about photography.

We began in 2008 as a focal point for local, aspiring photographers to come together to share, learn, network and explore their passion for photography. We are a welcoming, inclusive group of photographers ranging from beginning through professional levels of skill. We emphasize an interactive development of our skills through a diverse blend of classes, outings, socials, and photo reviews. We emphasize both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. We foster learning as a community of photographers through shooting, sharing, and discussing our photos.

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