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Super Blue Blood Total Lunar Eclipse over Smith Rock
For the first time in 150 years the end of January brings an amazing opportunity to witness the total eclipse of a super moon (known as the Super Blue Blood Moon) just before sunrise so we should be able to photograph the moon against the gorgeous rock formations of Smith Rock at daybreak! Tim and I spent Saturday scouting locations and decided that the View Point off of the RV/Bus Parking lot will give the best backdrop and also allow folks with RVs, etc to park and be easily accessible for staying warm! Note: Sturdy boots, warm clothes and head lamps are REQUIRED along with at least two or more Pocket Hotties hand-warmers for our lenses. We will be walking a short distance from the Smith Rock parking lot to the viewpoint and temps can easily be well below freezing! Unfortunately, the entire eclipse sequence will not be visible as the moon will move behind Smith Rock at 6:45 and then also set before the eclipse is over. For a preview on the path of the moon over Smith Rock and how the separate zoomed in eclipsed moon images can be added to a final composite image look at sample images by choosing the link below: Time Line: 3:30am - Meet at Smith Rock (use the message threads below to arrange carpools) and head out to the viewpoint and get setup to shoot 3:48am - Eclipse begins 4:15am - 5:30am - Shoot the moon as the eclipse progresses towards totality 5:30am - Totality! (and no eye protection needed) 6:18am - Nautical Twilight Begins - Keep Shooting 6:45am - Moon starts to get hidden by Smith Rock 6:52am - Blue Hour Begins - Keep Shooting and possibly focus on the foreground of Smith Rock as daylight breaks 7:23am - Sunrise and head back to town Shooting Background: Shooting a lunar eclipse is one of the harder things to shoot as the lighting conditions are constantly changing. Before the meetup please read the following Guide carefully and take notes for things you want to try: Equipment Considerations: Most of us will be shooting with the goal of compositing our zoomed Moon shots against Smith Rock. Normally, for most of our Night Sky Meetups we recommend that everyone shoot with as wide of a lens as possible. For this meetup you will also most likely want a super-wide lens (14-24mm range) to capture the Smith Rock foreground. However, you will also want a zoom (at least 200mm and preferably 400mm or more) for zoomed in shots of the eclipse phases to add later to the landscape photo. We would also recommend a tele-extender to get you into the 500mm or larger range. See the article linked above which shows the size of the moon you will capture based on different focal lengths. And since we are using such large lenses the moon will be moving quickly through our field of view so constant adjustments will have to be made along with other adjustments as the moon gets darker and darker and then lighter. Weather/Temps: So far, our winter has been very mild but still most mornings are below freezing so please dress appropriately for standing outside for multiple hours. TimL will be bringing his small RV on this trip, so if folks need to warm up it will be available. Things to Bring • A head lamp. A RED LIGHT headlamp is preferred so you and others around you can retain your night vision (which could take 30-45 minutes to return if lost). • a flashlight, • a sturdy tripod, • fresh and extra camera batteries, • an empty memory card, • an intervalometer is useful to fine tune the length of your exposure but not required. • proper footwear as we will be walking across desert scrub brush, • warm clothing for a cold winter morning with temps in the low 20s, • REQUIRED: "Little Hottie" Hand warmers, we will use 1 package for each lens you plan on using to keep dew and frost from accumulating on the lens front element. Safety Considerations Night photography has inherent risks as low light conditions increase the possibility of encountering unseen obstacles and hazards. Personal safety has to be the constant focus as locations with unmarked level changes, abrupt drop-offs, and cliffs without warning signs or protective handrails can be fatal. Always SAFETY: before, during, and after shooting. LATE NIGHT TRAVEL: We anticipate driving back to Bend after 8am. Please drive carefully and adjust your speed while visiting with other photographers for a safe and enjoyable ride home. If you are too tired please do not drive home. If weather is not favorable then we will reschedule for the next Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse 150 years in the future :)

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