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Niche Invasion - How to Go a Mile Deep

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Niche Invasion - How to Go an Inch Wide and Mile Deep

Just about everyone loves the idea of finding the right niche or niches for their business.

Mike Darling, who has invaded niches ranging from software to public speaking to ping pong tables, will share his insight on the basics of finding and exploiting niches.

Whether you are building an online store, or trying to figure out who out there in internet land cares about what you are selling in your brick or mortar store, or you are into building small niche websites that sell information or products, you have to spend some time upfront finding out if:

First, there is even a sizable market of interest or existing traffic; and

Two, if people are spending money in that niche.

How To Invade a Niche

Come to this meeting and you will discover Niche Invasion 101:

• What is a niche anyway?

• What do we mean by going an inch wide and mile deep?

• How to find and invade a niche systematically and purposefully, and discover those hidden markets that the big companies will always ignore.

• Simple free tools that you can use to discover wonderful fun niches.

• How to use niche research in building websites for your clients.

• Amazon has handed you their niche research on a silver platter, market research that has cost them $$$ - and how to use this treasure.

• If you can market and sell, how your skills will dominate the competition in a niche. Why you will do better online than most folks pursuing and building niche websites.

• and more!

This will be fun and entertaining.

Come join us!

About Mike Darling

Mike is a geologist who lives in Bend, Oregon. The foundation of his business is to show others how to create an online business based on a laptop – that you can conduct business where ever and when ever you are, and to do this with tools that are OS agnostic.

His online specialties include niche market research, search engine optimization, direct response marketing, and creating and selling digital products on-line.

When Mike isn't pounding the keyboard late at night, he loves spending time with his two boys, hiking the trails in Central Oregon, and collecting fossils and precious minerals.

You can find out more about Mike Darling at:

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