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Bend Wellness Community Meetup brings together holistic practitioners and wellness seekers & enthusiasts who love the evolution of Self Care in Health Care! You'll have opportunities to learn about and experience various modalities through discussions, classes and hands-on experiential learning to discern why, how and when one might be useful to you.

Most of us have health care puzzles we are trying to solve. At best we find a doctor whose approach "fits the bill" and - Voila! - we regain our state of well-being and vitality. More often, we are looking for "that missing piece" -- we try lots of things, still don't feel well, and at some point decide we just have to live with “the problem”.

Our Meet-Up is designed to help you incorporate complementary holistic care:

1. Clarify…what is puzzling you regarding your current health concerns

2. Recognize…the "missing piece” by letting your intuition shine light on what your body needs

3. Discern…what holistic approach is the "right fit" at a given time

4. Collaborate…with your chosen practitioner to better complete the whole picture

Understanding how these 4 aspects of the Self-care puzzle fit together; may help you manifest YOUR “Picture of Health”

Tuning in to our body, mind, and inner wisdom is the key to discovering the physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, and spiritual puzzle pieces that science and consciousness explorers now know contribute to our health and wellness!

Please join us in this exciting process…

Upcoming events (5+)

SoulRoar Breathwork and Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Essential Light Institute

Find your Essential Self through Transformational Breathwork. Breathwork will clear stuck, stagnant energies so you can let go of old patterns, stress, anxiety and depression making space for creativity, joy, love and gratitude. The sounds from singing bowls are calming and induce a sense of peacefulness … it is a relaxation that goes beyond the physical body. The tones of each chakra bowl will permeate your system – resonating your essence – so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony. Doors open at 5:45. Bring your yoga mat and blanket if you'd like. We have a few extras. For more information contact Susan Hall at [masked] or visit website at susanhallenergy.com Price: $20 drop in

Highly Sensitive People Group

Needs a location


15-20% of the population are Highly Sensitive. HSPs process things more deeply and notice and are affected by things much more easily; this can be a challenge in our current fast-paced world. This group is for those who know they’re Highly Sensitive, think they might be or are supporting someone who is. We’ll increase awareness, share and support each other, and learn to better understand and cope with the sensitivities and traits and how to shift those into strengths. Wednesdays, September 11-25, 6-7pm. $12 per class, $30 for all 3. Class will continue after September, as well. Class size is limited; please register:[masked], [masked]

Afternoon Prayer & Contemplation Gathering

Ricky Gregerson

These hour long gatherings are designed for those who are intentionally seeking peace and authentic transformation. We live in a world of busyness, chaos and multi-tasking, believing "the more I am able to do, the more my life matters." Yet, if we were present with our hearts and in our minds, stress, anxiety and self-loathing, would cease to be the norm and we would find we are enough. ​What would it be like to really hear beyond the words spoken? What if our minds weren't racing, but rather embracing the present moment? What would it mean to be still and know? When we are willing....learning to be present....is key to the Peace our hearts are longing for. At Prayer and Contemplation Gatherings you will experience the ancient method of silent prayer known as Centering Prayer and a guided meditation called Lectio Divina. Whether you are new to meditating, practice another form of meditation or have been meditating for years...all are welcome! Now is the time! This gathering is held in the afternoon on the 2nd Thursday of the month. No fee. All are welcomed. I also advertise beyond this site, so be sure to R.S.V.P., space is limited. More Information: www.rickygregerson.com ​

Dance Meditation

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, LLC


The Dance meditation is created through years of experiment with mind, body and spirituality. The goal of the meditation is to leave you in the state of Euphoric Realization of the simplicity of joy and happiness through notion of movement and letting go. This meditation involves jumping, free movement dancing and breathing in a certain manner to increase your awareness and to self-empower you to your higher state of self which will leave you in a state of Euphoria. Contact Shiv with any questions[masked] or [masked]

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Mindfulness Meditation - Moved to Mondays!

Haelan House


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