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Free Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
What can mindfulness do for you? What if you could learn to live more fully in the present moment so you could enjoy all the good that life offers? Cope successfully with disappointment, frustration or discomfort and other harmful emotions or thoughts? Improve relationships, or be more effective and productive at work or at home and have more time? Would you be interested? Who can benefit from the MBSR program? People who are feeling burnt out, lonely, stuck, or in physical or emotional pain. People who don't feel like they have enough time, the right resources, or knowledge to deal with overwhelming issues. People who are anxious, frustrated or insecure. Or, people who would just like to deepen and strengthen a sense of peace and joy. Hundreds of research studies on this MBSR 8-week program have shown that it can have profound effects on participant's health and well being by helping them to: Skillfully manage stress, pain and illness Improve emotional health Reduce anxiety Relax, and feel rejuvenated with renewed energy Raise productivity and get more done Increase confidence and sense of self mastery Increase empathy and compassion for self and others What our participants are saying about the benefits of the MBSR 8-week program: "This course helped me to be present for my life. The challenges as well as the beauty. The MBSR course has helped me to feel less frantic and powerless about the physical challenges resulting from cancer treatment." ~M.F. "MBSR has given me a deeper insight to self awareness, while providing tools or practice that helps reduce my stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort." ~C.F. "Mindfulness allows us to let go of the past and not waste time worrying about the future. Compassion for self and others creates kindness and reduces impatience. Taking time to stay and think before reacting can make positive change in relationships. Life is fuller if we take the time to notice the people/things around us." ~A.M. "I would definitely recommend this course. The effect of the meditation, yoga, recordings and discussion had a profound positive effect on my feeling of being able to manage my stress. Overall, I feel more positive about life and being able to make positive changes that I have been wanting to make for a long time." ~ J. O. Orientation Sessions - What you need to know about the MBSR 8-week Course. These free introductory sessions are scheduled prior to the program that starts on September 11th - either August 28th or September 6th. Please attend one or the other if you plan to attend the MBSR 8-week class on September 11th. Attendance at one of the orientations is required prior to participation in the class. A third MBSR 8-week course orientation will be held on September 20th for those who sign up for the MBSR program that starts on September 27th. If you sign up for the MBSR Class that starts on September 27th you may attend any of the orientation sessions. Please let us know which one you will be attending. There is no obligation. You do not have to sign up for an MBSR Program to attend the orientation. You're welcome to attend for your own information whether you decide to register for the program or not. This free MBSR 8-week course orientation will give you a clear understanding of what you will learn through the eight weeks. You will learn about the history of the program, MBSR research, benefits and risks, and class logistics. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions and in order to decide whether or not the class for you. It is not for everyone. We will discuss exclusionary criteria during the orientation session so you will be able to make an informed decision. I look forward to seeing you at one of the free MBSR Orientation sessions. Members of this meetup who sign up for the MBSR 8-week course will receive a coupon for $50 off.

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What we're about

Bend Wellness Community Meetup brings together holistic practitioners and wellness seekers & enthusiasts who love the evolution of Self Care in Health Care! You'll have opportunities to learn about and experience various modalities through discussions, classes and hands-on experiential learning to discern why, how and when one might be useful to you.

Most of us have health care puzzles we are trying to solve. At best we find a doctor whose approach "fits the bill" and - Voila! - we regain our state of well-being and vitality. More often, we are looking for "that missing piece" -- we try lots of things, still don't feel well, and at some point decide we just have to live with “the problem”.

Our Meet-Up is designed to help you incorporate complementary holistic care:

1. Clarify…what is puzzling you regarding your current health concerns

2. Recognize…the "missing piece” by letting your intuition shine light on what your body needs

3. Discern…what holistic approach is the "right fit" at a given time

4. Collaborate…with your chosen practitioner to better complete the whole picture

Understanding how these 4 aspects of the Self-care puzzle fit together; may help you manifest YOUR “Picture of Health”

Tuning in to our body, mind, and inner wisdom is the key to discovering the physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, and spiritual puzzle pieces that science and consciousness explorers now know contribute to our health and wellness!

Please join us in this exciting process…

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