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The Benelux Identity Tech Talks aim at providing an open, informal, and distributed forum for all digital identity professionals and affectionados in the Benelux area, i.e. Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The Internet has changed the world and will continue to change the world in ways we can't yet envision! Though it's far from perfect and with the emergence of billions of things being connected challenges as security and privacy are becoming common daily topics; on the other hand it brings great opportunities easing and enriching our daily lives trough fully personalised and automated services. It's clear that one important piece of any solution will be to have trustworthy and secure digital identities for all users, and devices, interacting over the Internet, which in turn can feed intelligent access control solutions. All this without sacrificing fundamental rights of privacy and anonymity of users, where required. We invite you hearing from various experts in the industry and welcome you to our discussion!

Topics can range from simple single-factor to intelligent multi-factor and/or risk-based authentication & authorization for various types of web resources; federation standards, topologies & initiatives; identity proofing standards & techniques; logical and physical access control; biometrics; privacy and consent; attribute sharing; stateful and stateless session management; data protection; assurance levels; project development and operations; performance and scalability; etc.

These talks are sponsored by ForgeRock (https://www.forgerock.com/), together with various regional partners, and hosted in several locations throughout the Benelux area; entrance is free and drinks and light food are provided. We're so excited to be hosting these talks and we're looking forward welcoming you to our open & vibrant forum!

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