What we're about

In this cultural melting pot called New York City, isn't it surprising that there's no meetup group for bengali culture and literature enthusiasts? And we are talking of an ethnic group whose identity is cast in its culture and literature. This group attempts to fill that void.

This is for you, if

- you can read and write bengali

- you think bengali culture is deeper and broader than durga pujo, or any pujo for that matter

- you do not believe in caste, class and religious divides

- you are not embarrassed to say Rabindranath is still relevant

- you are itching to talk to people who have read teni-da and felu-da as teenagers

- you have had moments when you couldn't remember a particular line in a bengali poem and wondered if you knew someone who could tell you, or could lend you the book

- you are generally well-read and appreciative of world literature and culture

- you identify yourself with the bengali culture, but you are certainly not parochial in your thoughts and actions

What you will not find in this group

- PNPC (if you are a bengali, you know what it is)

- anything even remotely to do with organization of pujos

Our addas are primarily "baithaki" (at residences of members) but we also meet at parks, museums, coffee shops and restaurants, based on what the members want. Day trips and movie screenings are also on the cards. Food is a centerpiece of this meetup, as bengalis make great conversation over food, and food and literature often trespass into each other's areas.

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