What we're about

We invite all single professionals in their 40s to 50s to share great food and pleasant conversation in one of the coolest towns for dining in New Jersey - Ridgewood.

We'll pick a new location in town for each meet - Ridgewood has more than 60 restaurants, so we'll have plenty to choose from!

We will try as best we can to keep our meets evenly divided between men and women. That means we'll be counting on you to give us your confirmation of attendance as early as possible.

There is a $3 annual fee to join this group that covers operational expenses. New members are asked to pay via PayPal.

Our objective is to have a great time every time. To achieve that, we strictly observe one rule: If you sign up to attend, please make every effort to keep that commitment. If an emergency arises, please make an effort to change your status on our web site or contact me. We ask members to lock in their attendance status by Saturday noon for all Sunday events and cancel ONLY for emergency.


Removal from the group doesn't mean we don't like you or that you're a bad person. It means your perspective on attendance is at odds with ours; we take attendance [i]very seriously[/i]. We can't afford not to because no-shows hurt our relations with restaurants and make it more difficult to negotiate the best deals. It can also throw off our seating arrangements and numbers of tables allotted to us. It also is an insult to fellow members who may be basing their decision to attend on who else is attending.

A couple other requirements: We require all who wish to become members of this group to post a recent photo of themselves. There may be no other faces - family, friends, any one else - in the picture. No pets or animals. And no poses that would be contrary to the image of this group. Your guideline should be: Post an image that you would be proud to use on a job application.

Also, we respectfully request that if you wish to bring guests, have them sign up as members of our group -- there is no charge and the process is quick -- and then have them sign up on their own to attend. Please DO NOT add the words "Bringing a guest" when you indicate you will be attending. You will be switched to a waiting list until such wording is removed and your guests sign up separately.

Last, your Meetup profile must be unblocked. If you do not wish to publicize your profile, we are sorry but we would request you seek another group to join.

Questions, suggestions? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

You may reach me at 201 675-5840.

See you soon!

Peter G

* * *

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