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The Bergen Lean & Agile Leadership(People, Product & Project management) is a place for
coaches, change agents, leaders, agile project managers, scrum masters and others who wish to learn about these subjects to meet, share, and learn from fellows that are working on transforming their organizations using Lean & Agile principles using Scrum, Kanban, XP, SAFe, LeSS, Modern Agile and other Lean & Agile frameworks. This group will offer participants an opportunity to

- discuss new insights and perspectives
- sharpen their skills and level up
- connect people with like minded coaches and change agents through fun, shared experiences
- get people out of their comfort zones
- spread new ideas

This group will focus on methods, practices, principles, and frameworks to accelerate customer value delivery and cultivate work environments where people thrive and do their best work.

All experience levels are welcome. Please reach out if you would like to speak or sponsor this Meetup.

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Stakeholder Value centric product development

NCE Media

In the era of software the speed of change and uncertanity is very high. We are witnessing how many, previously successful, companies are going down in spite of powerful strategies and big execution muscles. The problem often resides in the gap between Strategy and Execution in this new era.

Enterprises are used to the "old" way of thinking funding, plans and strategies. While there is still a lot of value in this way of thinking, it is not able to extract the best out of the new era and the lean agile world where scalability of the benefits are realized by agile teams. The gap between the strategy and the execution needs to be closed so we can provide full visibility, identify fast what works and optimize our investments.

In this meetup we will be introducing the solution to close this gap called "Lean Portfolio Management, LPM" and provided by Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe®.

Our host and facilitator for the evning will be Pirita Maarit Johnsen and the introducer to the topic is Hussam Ahmad who has been working extensively in different Lean Agile setups throughout the last 25 years and is teaching the certification course "SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management".
As always, we run a short introduction and continue with lots of discussions and experience exchange. If you want to prepare yourself for the discussions, please visit this page: https://www.scaledagileframework.com/lean-portfolio-management/

What are 'stakeholder values'? Are agile processes really dealing with them?

All agile methods ’talk’ about value delivery. But they mean different things. Some refer to mystical value-generating work processes. Some assume value is always financial. Almost none actually reports numeric value improvements of any kind. They can brag about ‘velocity’ but do not quantify what values are delivered at higher velocity. No point in increasing the velocity of no value! 6x0 = 0

The grandfather of Agility has been preaching about value, quantification and sustainability while creating value for decades. We are honored to have Tom Gilb as our guest to discuss what “stakeholder values” are and how we can make sure we are creating the right values.

Tom has from his practical experience first hand knowledge how to use Agile to deliver real measurable stakeholder values. In one of his early books (T. Gilb, Software Metrics, 1976) he describes Agile as “'Evolution is a designed characteristic of a system development which involves gradual stepwise change.” And then he also promotes measurements after each step when he says “'A complex system will be most successful if it is implemented in small steps and if each step has a clear measure of successful achievement as well as a "retreat" possibility to a previous successful step, upon failure.” And finally he reasons that with “'The advantage is that you cannot have large failures. You have the opportunity of receiving some feedback from the real world before throwing in all resources intended for a system, and you can correct possible design errors before they become costly live systems”

The grandfather of agility believes that we should stop being “agile coders” and start being “agile value stream delivery people” who deliver software as one of the options to support stakeholder values. In other words, prepare yourself for a powerful meeting where you can learn from the source, and have a unique possibility to discuss Value, Stakeholders and Agile with such capacity as Tom!

PS: We will run the event in hybrid mode with attendees both meeting physically and online over Teams. Link to the teams-meeting will be shared with registered participants before the meetup.

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