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GREEN DRINKS (Ramsey/Mahwah)
Interested in Sustainability, high performance design, renewable & alternative energy, conservation & preservation, business or pleasure, water air & land, personal or professional, efficiency, recycling, food supply, the environment, or the Earth?? Come out and connect, grab a drink with some sustainable dialogue. Great opportunity to network, socialize, educate, and inform. Wonderful, relaxing, and convenient N Bergen locale Quick pitches, card exchange, brainstorming and MORE! If you have ideas/insight/interest in upcoming events, venues, or programing do share! Thanks and Looking Forward,

Brady's at the Station

5 W Main St · Ramsey, NJ

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Greetings! Welcome to the Bergen County Sustainable Society (BCSS) Meet up Group!! Are you Ready, Able, and Willing to get Involved? The premise of this organization is to encourage the growth, development, and evolution of sustainable consciousness throughout Bergen County. The group is based on the foundation of the Triple Bottom Line promoting Social, Environmental, and Economic prosperity. The group serves as an instrument to bring people together from surrounding communities to share, educate, inform, and learn from each other while supporting the greater good and one another. This is a community minded mission. Sustainable topics- Clean/Renewable Energy, the Economy of the Enviroment, Energy Independence, Recycling, Construction/Development, Transportation, Biofuels, Solar, Wind, RECS, Energy Star, CSAs, Food/Water/Air Quality, Transportation, USGBC-LEED, Volunteerism, Green Collar Jobs, Carbon Footprints/Offsets, Live/Buy Local and alike are just some of the issues that the group might be inclined to engage. sus•tain•able - adjective 1. The capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely 2. Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs sustainability- noun sustainably- adverb Please check in and show kindness and patience as the group and the site develops in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Check the Calender and contact me to add to it!! Wanna do more....just let me know. GREEN DRINKS-MAHWAH!!!!!!!!! Thank you and Looking Forward, Chance Parker

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