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Berkeley Bitcoin Meetup
Berkeley Bitcoin Meetup
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This meetup will feature Tim Swanson (, former Director of Market Research of R3 (, founder of Post Oak Labs (, and author (

If the cryptocurrency community could achieve
governance/enforcement algorithmically, we already
would have done that. We're having this meeting today
because something broke. Tim will be painting the legal landscape of blockchain administration, governance, and forks. You can read one of his recent articles on the topic here:

This meetup will be livestreamed as usual. Pizza will be provided.

The event will be preceded by a lightning talk by Anton Muehlemann on Sentiment Protocol (



7:10-7:15 Lightning Talk

7:15-8:15 Featured Speaker

8:15-8:45 Q&A + Discussion

8:45-9:15 (Optional) Networking


If you are interested in giving a lightning talk, bring a pack of beer! If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us at [masked].