Coil - Technical Meetup: Refactoring the Web Economy with Interledger

Berkeley Bitcoin Meetup
Berkeley Bitcoin Meetup
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Berkeley Skydeck

2150 Shattuck Avenue · Berkeley, CA

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This is a CAPPED event. The first 40 people will be admitted.

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Coil is a San Francisco based startup that wants to create a better business model for the Web. Instead of building yet another proprietary platform, Coil will be the first company to pay out to any website using Web Monetization, a new standard for how browsers can pay websites using Interledger.

During this interactive workshop the team will be explaining how to use Interledger with Web Monetization in order to get automatic payment from visitors on your website. You can use this to replace ads, replace paywalls, or to create new types of tools and webapps that never could have existed before. Additionally, the Interledger Protocol (ILP) means that you're not tied to any currency, token, or single company. We're going to start off with background on Interledger and Web Monetization before diving into how to use it yourself.

There will also be a presentation by Kava Labs. The project aims to address slow block finality, high transaction fees and unsophisticated payment channel constructions that exist within blockchain payment solutions today. The team is building a decentralized payment network leveraging Interledger for clearance and is actively working on an Ethereum plugin for the protocol.


Stefan Thomas:
Stefan is the Co-Founder and President of Coil. Prior to Coil, Stefan was a prominent figure in the blockchain movement. As an early Bitcoin contributor, he produced the popular “What is Bitcoin?” video, introducing millions of users to Bitcoin and created BitcoinJS, the first implementation of Bitcoin cryptography in the browser. As CTO and one of the first employees at Ripple, Stefan built new protocols for cross-border payments, now used by banks all over the world. He has also worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop Mojaloop, an open-source national payment switch that connects mobile wallets in developing markets.

Ben Sharafian:
Ben is Co-Founder and CTO of Coil. In addition to Web Monetization, Ben has contributed to the design and implementation of Interledger, an interoperability protocol for money. Before Coil, Ben worked as an engineer at Ripple.

Kevin Davis:
Kevin is an engineer and researcher from Kava Labs who has been integrating ETH into ILP. He will talk about lessons learned in the development process, guidelines for integrating other currencies, and future directions for ILP development.

IMPORTANT: You MUST apply here if you would like to attend:

Please read through and explore the following resources on Interledger Protocol (ILP):

> Website:
> Documentation:
> Tutorials:
> Protocol Specs:
> Discussion:

We are looking for individuals with experience in web development who know JavaScript/HTML/CSS on the frontend and Node.js on the backend.

**Workshop Pre-Requisites:
All attendees should have Node.js installed and have read through the resources provided regarding Interledger Protocol (ILP).