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Clarity breathwork provides a real opportunity to dive into a very deep, gentle, and safe process with ourselves. It presents a pathway directly through to the subconscious, where we are able to explore and unravel core belief patterns and access the ability to challenge and shift them.

Through the willingness to be with our pain and challenges that were created by our core belief systems we come to a greater understanding of ourselves as a whole. As we move through this process and allow our old stories and contracted emotions to surface we are able to find deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves and our life circumstances. The results we experience are greater self love and self forgiveness, we gain the clarity as to what is really true for us that allows us to move forward empowered in our lives. From this place we are able to experience greater joy, freedom, and peace.

Every day we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts. 80% or more of these thoughts are repetitive or unconscious, and they dictate how our lives are shaped. For example, our thoughts about how much money we make, how worthy we feel to have the kind of relationships we desire, the way we think about ourselves and others, and what we think is possible are based mostly on thoughts and beliefs that are unconscious. Many of these thoughts and beliefs were formed very early on in our lives and we've been living them out unconsciously ever since.

Other benefits of Clarity breathwork include:
- clears our minds and gives clarity
- releases stress on a deep level
- cleanses the energy body leaving us feeling, calm, grounded, and in touch with ourselves
- detoxes the body on a cellular body
- transmutes old thoughts and beliefs that have been running our lives
- restores balance in all aspects of our lives
- facilitates a direct experience of our larger self
willingness to forgive ourselves and others
- helps us to know what our healthy boundaries are, and be able to express those to others
- guides us to deeper sense of well being, and so much more...

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