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"Mysteries of the Imagination" just ended. I want to keep it going with a slightly different bent (but missed the 48-hour deadline to become organizer - hence the need for "2" in the name). For over 18 years I attended a (different) group based on the Amherst Writers and Artists. Very different way of writing than the usual academic classes. We write right in the group. A suggested topic or catalyst is offered. Group members can use that or ignore it and go with whatever. We write privately in a corner or nook or the circle for perhaps 20 or 25 minutes (or more if desired), then come together and share with the group if desired. No one is required to share. Because this writing is fresh off the brain, like newborn babies, negative judgements are discouraged, and negative comments on this fresh writing are not allowed. There's a bit more. Arranging to work further in a more critical way (if wanted) is available with other group members. I did this in a group of some smokin' wonderful writers, many of whom wrote for publication. I don't do that, and it's not a requirement. My experience is that it opens all to creativity and a sense of community as we share and hear what others like in our writing. OFTEN what others value are bits we overlook in our own writing. We tend not to appreciate these deep parts in ourselves at times. I loved that group, which ended. The meetup previously named "Mysteries of the Imagination" was slightly different from my description, and just ended. Maybe some members of that group and others will try it out. I liked the name of that one, and as it just ended yesterday, I'm hoping I can still do this.

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First writing Meetup: December 19th

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