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Horsepower for Life: With Carla Bauchmueller

Horses are able to touch and reach us deep inside.
They are able to move us in a way we can open to and to reach a place inside of us where people often can't reach us anymore. They reflect emotions we might not be able to show to our loved ones.
Learning how to connect to a horse in a deep way and be reflected in their power and gentleness has a very healing effect and can reveal parts of ourselves that we have been hiding inside.
Horses' symbiosis with each other can show us how to truly connect to other humans, getting the nurturing and warmth a human life has to offer.
It reflects an all- feeling and no- mind state but with a sense of your own boundaries and conscious management of your energy.
Horses want us to be authentic and help us to see where we are compromising our authentic self.
The question is: How can we achieve that? That's where a powerful simple technique called IST (Inner Space Technique) can help you to release the "True You" so you are able to reconnect to the real you.
Free yourself from old trauma and old patterns.
Horses are then providing the playground to start living the changes of your inner landscape. Find the simplicity of true connection.
In her world-wide courses and private sessions as an Inner Space Techniques Practitioner Carla Bauchmueller found that the work with horses added a beautiful quality to these powerful techniques.
A life-time with horses and more than 20 years as a professional, she connects to horses in a deep way and helps her clients to connect to this horse wisdom too.


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