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If you have crossed paths with Rumi, you know a part of you changed forever. In these meetups I share with you my experiences with Rumi's prophetic messages of humanity. My goal is to put your hands directly in Rumi's hands and get out of the middle so you for yourself can absorb Rumi's message. Come join us in our meetups starting in January 2019 and hold hands with the other passengers of the path of love. As soon as I have a venue in Berkeley, I will publish dates and times. Love, Light, and Enlightment (Mehr in Persian). All meetups will be in English with some sprinklings of the original Persian.

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From a Slave to a King

Berkeley Public Library West Branch

From death to life, weeping to laughter, and a slave to a king we will follow Rumi's transformation from a religious pedagogue to a prophet of love. In arguably his most famous Poem (Morde bodam zende shodam) Rumi describes the path that transformed him from a good person to a timeless hero forged by Love. His path as always is led by Shams who was the alchemist that turned him from copper to gold.

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With Your Own Claws

Berkeley Public Library West Branch

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