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Thea and Adele invite you to explore and reimagine the deep mysteries that haunt our sensuous natures towards another model of soulful intimacy, both deep and delicate, past conventional sexual mores.

Come join us for an innovative, embodied exploration into the subtleties of sensation and imagination that imbue conscious sexuality, embodied being & sacred sensibilities.

A day of words & images, moves & meditations, play and praise, dance & devotion, enriched by Thea and Adele’s diverse perspectives. Thea’s innate sensuality is fired with an evolutionary spirit and visions of a new future, while Adele’s darker soul-based consciousness is suffused with the rich and deep imaginings of archetypal psychology, and sacred sexuality teachings sourced from the hidden veins of ancient mysteries.

This unusual combination of perspectives is a recipe for unexpected insight and invites a deep range of personal inquiry for women. Yet Thea and Adele are inspired by the same holy longing, both spiritual and sensual – awe, reverence, love and beauty - as a visceral devotional expression of the divine . Discover where are you in this continuum of being!

Thea teaches the subtleties of sacred touch and moving the awakened, erotic life force energy, distilling her life long experience and diverse trainings in massage, nutrition, nursing, rebirthing, sacred sexuality with Berry Long, David Deida, Thomas Hubl, Shakti Malan, Ken Wilber and Patricia Albere. She is a dancer in the modalities of Soul Motion and Sacred Temple dance and also works as a personal Ayurvedic chef with her innovative program of “mind, body & soul cuisine”.

Adele teaches the interface of spirituality and sexuality that is rooted in the instincts, images and practices of a bodily being that is “sanctified, dedicated & holy” through her original HolyMoves workshops. Her approach draws from the mythological soil of Western cultural roots while also distilling practices and devotional dances from Eastern and other traditions. (She practiced as an Imaginal Therapist in South Africa and published a book on issues of sex, age and menopause.)

Come pray, play and practice together. Celebrating laughs, tears, insight and the beauty of mystery. We would love to share this exploration with you.

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