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Welcome to the Wise Women's Clubhouse

I’ve been working with women going through hormonal changes for 14 years as a Pilates, yoga and massage therapist, and coach. A consistent theme among women navigating postpartum and menopausal hormone changes is: it’s inconsistent! Snap! Just when you figure out how to deal with one new body/mind issue, hormones shift, weight shifts, a new pain in the back pops up, relationships can get awkward, and a seemingly unrelated string of weird mental and physical health issues may arise. Wow! How do we deal with all of this? These issues might present as mild annoyances, or they might wipe us out mentally and emotionally. In either case, sifting through vast bodies of info to figure out what to do takes more time, money, and energy than most of us have. That’s where the Wise Women’s Clubhouse comes in – a place where women can gather, share personal experiences, learn a little from professionals, receive support in figuring out how to deal, and laugh, hopefully, a lot.

The Clubhouse Meetups will include mind/body/soul education and collaboration to women seeking information for themselves, their daughters, their mothers, their friends, and their clients. If you or someone you know is looking for a little or big “path correction” while on the fem hormonal ride and want to learn more about well-being in a woman’s bod, come say hello. Monthly meetings may include guest speakers who work in the fields of nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, energy medicine, physical therapy, psychology, and who contribute to women seeking strength, confidence, and healing through movement, knowledge, and practice. There will always be a main topic and related conversation about navigating big hormones through postpartum and the phases of menopause.

Experiential exercises for the mind, body, and soul may be included depending on space and number of participants. This is free event AND, it is greatly appreciated if you register through the Eventbrite link below to hold your space and so that we can manage the logistics. Thank you!

Please do introduce yourself to the Meet Up and indicate your interest—I’d love to learn more about what women need and want.

I can't wait to meet you!

Leanne Aho

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