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We'll gather in the friendly confines of The Monkey House Theater and WRITE!

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This is a weekly drop-in class--come as often as you like. Using games and exercises, silly suggestions and intriguing prompts, we'll dive headlong into our own imaginations for periods ranging from five to twenty minutes. The only real rule of improvisational writing is avoid stopping to edit; rather you keep your pen on the paper (or your fingers on the keypad) and continue moving forward, denying your internal critic the chance to get a word in edgewise. You will likely be AMAZED at what you can produce this way. When an exercise is finished, participants have the option of sharing some of what they've written. However, there is never pressure on anyone to share their work. The WOrd Party is a valuable tool for creative brainstorming, idea generation, breaking through blocks -- a great resource for writers of fiction and creative non-fiction, as well as for poets, playwrights, comedians, and songwriters. At the beginning of each session we'll introduced ourselves and talk briefly about our goals. We're here for anyone with a desire to write -- regardless of age, background, education or experience. You may have no other goal than to scratch out some words, meet some interesting people and have a good time. If you do have a writing project already underway, you'll find the games and exercises can usually be interpreted to fit what you're doing, allowing you to move forward on your project right here in class -- in a fun, exciting, in-the-moment atmosphere. Lastly, you'll find The Word Party is more affordable that standard eight- or ten-week writing courses. Please sign up and try it out!

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