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Berks-Lehigh Hiking and Backpacking is a hiking group for people of all skill levels! If you'd like to get some exercise outside, we'll have an event for you. We will be hosting day hikes, backpacking trips, gear seminars. We will also be hosting learning events, such as "Beginners Only" backpacking events.

Feel free to suggest events! I'd like the group to take on a life of its own and grow as a community, and it can only do that if its members step up and make it their own. I will often put notes on the calendar, which will let you know about local events that may interest you. These may not always be "official" Meetups at first, but can become official events if interest is shown. On the main page you may click "Suggest a New Meetup" to suggest your own events. After you attend your first event, you'll be made an Event Organizer. This will allow you to post your own events on our calendar!

I'm hoping that everyone can find a way to have fun and make this group their own. Hope to see you all on the trail! Be sure to check us out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/130806933711566/) and follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/BerksHiking)!

About your Event Hosts

Event Organizers have attended one or more Berks-Lehigh Meetups. If an Event Organizer is hosting, this is probably their first time leading a hike with us.

Assistant Organizers have organized and/or led 1-4 events with Berks-Lehigh.

Co-Organizers have organized and/or led 5 or more events with Berks-Lehigh. If you have questions about organizing your own events, Co-Organizers can help!

The Fine Print:

Attendance will be monitored and tracked closely. Please don't RSVP "Yes" unless you actually plan on coming. There is nothing worse than waiting around for someone who isn't going to show up. I understand that things come up and plans change, but please try to remember to change your RSVP in a timely manner (or at least call/text/email the event host). After 3 "No Shows", we may be forced to remove you from the group. Changing your RSVP prior to the event will not count against you as a "No Show". To reiterate, "No Show" means that your RSVP was "Yes", but you did not attend the event. The group will wait at the trailhead for up to 10 minutes, but if you haven't arrived (or at least made contact) by then, the group will start hiking without you.

A "No Show" to a Multi-Day event, will be considered a particularly egregious offense. After a single Multi-Day "No Show", your Multi-Day hiking privileges will be suspended. Multi-day hikes require more detailed planning and logistics than a single day event, so a "No Show" could greatly mess up those plans.

Children are typically not allowed on our hikes, so members should be at least 18. There will occasionally be child-friendly hikes, but all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Drug and Alcohol Policy: While alcohol is not completely banned from our events, use of alcohol in a way that could compromise the safety of yourself and others is clearly unacceptable. As a rule of thumb: if you are over the legal limit to drive, you are over our legal limit to hike. Hiking Under the Influence can lead to dangerous trips and falls that can endanger yourself and others. You may think drinking makes the hike more fun, but you might be making it less fun for others. This all falls under the umbrella of our general safety and harassment guidelines (below). If you become a safety hazard or a great annoyance, the Event Hosts have full authority to ask you to leave (which will bar you from further hikes until the situation can be reviewed). RESPONSIBLE drinking in camp, or at post-hike events is allowed under this policy, but only if you do not negatively affect the experience of your fellow hiker. Illegal drugs are, of course, banned from all events.

Pet Policy: Friendly dogs are allowed on all of our hikes, unless the hike description says otherwise. Some venues may require dogs to be leashed, and this group will always respect those rules. An Event Host's decision to exclude dogs is FINAL. This group's leadership will not overturn an Event Host's decision to exclude dogs from a hike.

As with most Meetups, all activities are done at your own risk. These hikes are not professionally guided, and there is no guarantee that your fellow hikers will have the training to help you if you are injured. As a member of this group, you agree to release all Organizers, Hosts, and fellow Members of any and all liability. You agree to accept any and all risk associated with any event hosted by this group.

You should always pack as if you were hiking alone, so that you will be sure you have what you need. I will not condone unsafe behavior, and those putting themselves or others at risk may be asked to leave. There is also a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against harassment. Anyone who harasses another group member in any way will not be allowed to participate in future events. It is very important that everyone feels safe and comfortable at all times.

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Orienteering Beginner Program at Nolde Forest

Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center

Weeknight Hike - Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

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