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Zeebe meets Confluent - Taming event-driven architectures
Join us for our next Apache Kafka® meetup on October 22nd from 6:00pm in Berlin hosted by Camunda. The address, agenda and speaker information can be found below. See you there! ----- Agenda: 6:00pm: Doors open 6:00pm - 6:30pm: Catering/Snacks, Drinks and Networking (probably not Pizza) 6:30pm - 7:15pm: Bernd Rücker, Camunda 7:15pm – 8:00pm: Perry Krol, Confluent 8:00pm - 8:15pm - Additional Q&A & Networking 9:00pm: end ------ Speaker: Bernd Rücker, Co-Founder Camunda Bio: Bernd is a co-founder of Camunda. But foremost he is a software developer and consultant. He is doing BPM for more than 10 years now and committed in various Open Source Workflow Engines over time. By coaching countless projects he got totally passionate about the whole 'developer friendly BPM' story. When has some spare time he gives talks at conferences or write articles and books (e.g. Real-Life BPMN book). Title: The Big Picture: Monitoring and Orchestration of Your Microservices Landscape with Kafka and Zeebe Abstract: A company’s business processes typically span more than one microservice. In an e-commerce company, for example, a customer order might involve microservices for payments, inventory, shipping and more. Implementing long-running, asynchronous and complex collaboration of distributed microservices is challenging. How can we ensure visibility of cross-microservice flows and provide status and error monitoring? How do we guarantee that overall flows always complete, even if single services fail? Or, how do we at least recognize stuck flows so that we can fix them? In this talk, I’ll demonstrate an approach based on real-life projects using the open source workflow engine to orchestrate microservices. Zeebe can connect to Kafka to coordinate workflows that span many microservices, providing end-to-end process visibility without violating the principles of loose coupling and service independence. Once an orchestration flow starts, Zeebe ensures that it is eventually carried out, retrying steps upon failure. In a Kafka architecture, Zeebe can easily produce events (or commands) and subscribe to events that will be correlated to workflows. Along the way, Zeebe facilitates monitoring and visibility into the progress and status of orchestration flows. Internally, Zeebe works as a distributed, event-driven and event-sourced system, making it not only very fast but horizontally scalable and fault tolerant—and able to handle the throughput required to operate alongside Kafka in a microservices architecture. Expect not only slides but also fun little live-hacking sessions and real-life stories. -------- Speaker: Perry Krol Bio: TBD Title: Building Event Driven Microservices with Kafka Streams Abstract: TBD -------- Don't forget to join our Community Slack Team ! If you would like to speak or host our next event please let us know! [masked] NOTE: We are unable to cater for any attendees under the age of 18. Please do not sign up for this event if you are under 18.

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    This Meetup Group will focus on the Apache Kafka® technology and its ecosystem, also allowing its members to interact and share their use cases, do and don't, how to's, etc.

    We will also hear about the Confluent Platform and topics like Kafka's Connect API and streaming data pipelines, Kafka’s Streams API and stream processing, Security, Microservices and anything else related to Apache Kafka.

    If you want to hear about a particular topic please let us know and we will try to find the best possible speaker. We are also very open to this being an interactive platform for the community, so if you would like to participate in other ways like speaking, hosting, writing a blog, etc, please let us know on

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