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Our mission is to free people from outdated and complicated banking processes tomorrow and creating a totally new financial environment the day after that. We don’t believe in a future with the faces of dead guys and numbers printed on small pieces of paper delivered by centralized systems.

We understand money as a service. A service, a tool that enables you to do and get whatever you might care for. That future is our mission. You are our mission.

We want to get to know you, want to discuss with you, want to learn from you. We want to build the future of finance together. Come and meet us , build with us. Whether you’re an eager investor or just tired of the old paradigms - together we are the key to creating our future as individuals, as a society.

We are challenging the challengers; we believe in tough but fair competition as much as in collaboration. The goal determines the way. We’re aiming for results, ideas, concepts, evolution, not for domination. At the helm, our founders are Johannes Gorski, Leonhard Schloerb and Alexander Panasuk - driving us forward since 2018.

We are growing constantly. We are continuously looking for builders who are passionate about liberating people from old or disparate bank processes and financial services. Based in Friedrichshain we are headed for the world, starting in Germany, and determined to expand.

Currently we are funding our seed round to accelerate growth and to build our product in order to realize our vision.

If you’re interested in the latest news and updates follow us on our social media channels on

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Die Zukunft des Bankings hautnah // The Future of German Banking

Wie viel Zeit und Geld investierst du in dein tägliches Banking? Es ist wahrscheinlich zu viel! Wir arbeiten an den Produkten und Dienstleistungen, um ganzheitliche Lösungen zu finden, die deine Finanzen schneller, einfacher und sicherer machen. Wir glauben, dass die Zukunft des Bankings mit in deinen Händen liegt. Lass uns gemeinsam einen kleinen Teil Geschichte schreiben. Am Freitag, den 27. September, um 17.00 Uhr in der Boxhagener Str. 72 in Berlin-Friedrichshain werden wir mit Wirecard, DKB und dem Gründer von YoYo Wallet über die Zukunft des Bankings sprechen. Wir freuen uns auf einen entspannten Abend mit tollen Gästen, Pizza und Getränken. Die Kamingespräch-Teilnehmer unter die Lupe genommen: 1 Jens Natelberg - Sales Manager Wirecard 2 Robert Kusber - Product Manager / Project Manager DKB 3 Alain Falys - Founder YoYo Wallet 4 Alexander Panasuk - CTO & Co-Founder spot9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How much time and money do you invest in your daily banking? It's probably a lot! We're working on the products and services to find holistic solutions that make your finances faster, easier, and safer. We believe the future of banking is in your hands. Let's make some history together. On Friday, September 27, at 5 pm, at Boxhagener Str 72, Berlin-Friedrichshain, we will be talking with Wirecard, DKB and the founder of YoYo Wallet on the Future of Banking. We are looking forward to a relaxed evening with great guests, pizza and drinks. Fireside Chat Participants: 1 Jens Natelberg - Account Manager Wirecard 2 Robert Kusber - Product Manager / Project Manager DKB 3 Alain Falys - Founder YoYo Wallet 4 Alexander Panasuk - CTO & Co-Founder spot9 source image by Bank of England

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