Berlin Hack and Tell #39 - Hacktoberfest

This is a past event

85 people went

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It's October: the best month of the year to hack. Sitting in front of the warm glow of a laptop, drinking pumpkin-spice Club Mate (that you made at home as a DIY beverage hack, because it doesn't actually exist), and changing the color scheme in vim so that your syntax highlighting mimics the golds, oranges, and reds of the leaves on the trees outside. Or maybe that's just me and you were bored one weekend and made something cool - whatever. Just come to c-base and wow the crowd with whatever you came up with! Pumpkin-spice-themed hacks optional, but encouraged.

If you're excited to share in front of around 90 hackers, sign up and don't forget: We have only 8 demo slots to share. Bring your hack, raise your hand and claim a spot - it's that simple.


As always, we don't want to limit the kind of hacks. Demo cool stuff, no matter if it's an mobile app, website, desktop program or library. Anything is allowed, just cross the line to awesomeness - and if it fails it should do it beautifully.

There are not many rules, but:

• You'll get 5 minutes to present in English
• You should have built it yourself
• The audience can ask you questions afterwards
• NO PURE SLIDEDECKS, no pitches, only demos + code
• Keep in mind that the audiences is highly technical and starts snoring if you do marketing voodoo
• Show us code!!! (reasonable exemptions may be possible)
• Entertain us!
• You only show us projects you developed. Nothing "cool" you've downloaded from somewhere.

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If you plan to come, RSVP here on Meetup. If you want to present, tell us in the registration form. And if you have feedback please send it to [masked]. Our relaxed event is only as good as everybody makes it. Bring your hacks and your friends and join us for the evening.

PS: Presenters get a reserved seat. If you want to join for sure you should bring a hack and contact us.


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