Special: API hackathon Berlin powered by Geekli.st

This is a past event

15 people went

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Geekli.st is the new platform for building your geek identity based on your own achievements. Post projects, add contributors and technical details and receive high fives and comments from fellow geeks, building up your street-cred. Join the bad-ass developers who are already there by creating a profile at Geekli.st (http://geekli.st) (every participant will get invited into the private beta).

This Saturday we call the Berlin hacker community to meet and build awesome stuff with APIs in under 8 hours at the very first European Geekli.st #hackathon.


ImmobilienScout24 will be our host and kindly allows us to use their ScoutLounge. It’s warm, light, provides more than enough space for us and is located on ground level, so smokers can go outside easily.

Food & Drinks

During the day we provide you with a stock of coke, water, beer and - of course - Club-Mate. We’ll also have some snacks as well as lunch - it’s all on Geekli.st.


10:00 (10.00 am)

opening by Stefan Hoth, Geekli.st Ambassador Germany,

video chat with Geekli.st founder Reuben Katz,

forming of groups

10:30 (10.30 am)

begin of the @gklst #hackathon #berlin

13:00 (01.00 pm)

break for pizza & sandwiches

13:30 (01.30 pm)

status updates
Need any help? Wanna pre-demo or feedback?

18:00 (06.00 pm)

wrap up,
judging & selection of winner

18:30 (06.30 pm)

social geeking


The first 20 geeks who sign up for the hackathon and actually show up will receive an exclusive Geekli.st Berlin #hackathon t-shirt, if they get added to the official Berlin hackathon card.


FTW! The geek with the most awesome result will get a gift card for Amazon.de worth

500 Euro.

What to hack on?

There are a bunch of APIs available for mashups, like
Twitter | Google+ | Facebook | SoundCloud | ImmobilienScout24 | Google Maps | Developer Garden APIs | Meetup | Readmill | Dropbox | Webintents | Mashery | ...
- use them or any other to build an awesome piece of software.

Oh, and one more thing: Participants of the hackathon will be among the first to get a sneak peak into the official API for Geekli.st.