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If you are looking for a job, you might have faced these main problems:
1. You feel alone, isolated from the working people and no body to report or talk to. You loose motivation gradually and you might even slowly stop looking for a job!
2. There is no gauge to show you each time, if you're resumes and cover letters are getting better or worse. If your last interview was improved or it was just as bad as the previous one. If you're doing it right or wrong. You can never know if you're moving toward success until you finally get a job offer.
3. Those who might be able to help you ask for money in advance. Resume generating software, websites, preparation courses, etc. Which is a catch 22: In order to have money you need to find a job. In order to get help finding a job you need money!

So you might ask, is there a group were people help each other with all above problems?
The answer is a BIG YES!

In this group:
1. We learn how to find job openings most likely to hire us
2. Most efficient techniques to write very effective winner resumes and cover letters
3. Follow up our job applications to the success
4. Keep ourselves motivated by attending the meetings, sharing our experiences and supporting each other on the way

Each meeting starts with each of us introduce ourselves, background and the job we looking for, a summary of what we've done so far, what we're waiting for, and what we're going to do next. This short talk on each meeting keeps us motivated during the rest of the week to apply for more jobs, take more steps and to follow up our previous applications. Specially in order to have more (maybe good) news to share with our friends on the next meeting (Search for Scrum meetings method on the Internet).

Next, your host will give a lecture on best techniques that always worked for him on finding a job. Each technique comes with reasons why this can be helpful. Together we learn to take advantage of marketing and economics science and all the tools available, in our journey to land our next job.

We help each other, share knowledge and most importantly, we keep ourselves motivated.

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