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Designing Collaboration
Alister Webb is joining us again from Australia, this time he's sharing his newly published book with us, "Designing Collaboration" and bringing his co-author, Andrew Pope with him. Many organisations assume that provisioning great collaboration tools will bring about great collaboration, all perfectly aligned with business objectives and automatically supercharging processes and projects. Newsflash - it doesn't. Like any business initiative, collaboration requires good design and an implementation strategy. Not around the tools, but around people and good collaborative behaviours, enabled (but not led) by the tools. Alister Webb, an Australian collaboration practitioner who has joined us previously in Berlin for great collaboration and knowledge management discussions, has just published a book titled ‘Designing Collaboration: An Essential Handbook for Today's Digital Workplace’. It directly addresses this common challenge, focusing on real-life tactics and strategies to build good collaborative behaviours for the modern digital workplace. Alister and his co-author and business partner at Innosis, Andrew Pope, will be in Berlin to launch 'Designing Collaboration' in Europe. They will discuss the book and what led them to write it. They invite everyone to join the discussion, talking about the seven elements of a sustainable collaboration design and the strong link to innovation. Alister Webb: Andrew Pope: More info about the book Agenda: Arrive and network: 18:30 - 19:00 Activities and discussion: 19:00 - 20:30 Adjourn: 20:30

Tuesday Coworking

Belziger Strasse 69/71 · Berlin

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