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BMKIDM b2b codingdojo at Smartfrog
It has been forever, so I want to invite y'all to my new place of work. Newbies to this group are of course highly welcomed and appreciated. Bring your friends, coworkers, keyboards and spare parts boxes. I'll be very happy to provide snacks and the usual box of beer/mate/water. And, if more than 3 people are interested, I'll organize a typeracing contest or maybe even a keyboard related codingdojo (any teensyduino hackers out there?). See here for rough c.d. guidelines: As usual, I'm encouraging suggestions and we can be flexible about the date; let's try to gather ideas until and then plan during first week September. Looking forward to see you again and getting to know the recently joined new members of this group, Cheers, Milan UPDATES - I moved the start-time to 18:00, 17:00 was accidental and I didn't notice. - My Boss wants me to check the RVSP list against some form of passport/id and I will have to comply. sorry. - We cant do this in our hardware work space because of company policy, so unfortunately no Soldering Desk, but we have to use an empty Meeting Room instead. Plus about the meeting room: we have a TV / beamer if somebody wants to give a talk / demo. - It will not be clear until the very last day if enough of my colleagues will stay for the "coding dojo" event, it's very likely that it will not happen because people want to go home on a friday evening.

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    Do you spend a lot of time with computers? Suffering RSI? Improving the way you interact with your computer is a way to become a better programmer, reduce pain, or become a faster typist. Let's meet to share with others the devices we use to interact with our machines.

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