Blockchain for Open Science


Welcome to the next Berlin Open Science Meetup!

This event intends to be the first in a new wave helping bring together researchers and other open science enthusiasts to catalyze the progress of open science, as a community. Through this, we hope to push on together and start organizing small projects together that could ultimately turn into scientific publications or social actions.

For this event, we will have three speakers:

1. Christina Rieseweber - Open Access as part of Open Science

2. Soenke Bartling - Blockchain for Science

3. Vlad Gunther - ScienceRoot (Proposing a new way of scientific conduct. Incentivizing the community with Blockchain.)

It is time to finally stand together and drive the much-needed change in the way we do science!

After the inspiring talks we'll hit the Lust bar (with French vine ;) ) nearby to keep conversations going.

We hope to see you there! This event is open to anyone, regardless of their experience, background, or interests.