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Power BI is a suite of Business Analytics solutions from Microsoft that covers the entire Analytics journey – from connecting to multiple data sources, to self-service reports and dashboards to publishing your insights to your organization or the entire world.

Apart from flexible and extensible visualisation features, Power BI contains data extraction and transformation tools as well as a very powerful data modelling and calculation engine, which are also found in the latest versions of Microsoft Excel und are known to many under the name of Power Query and Power Pivot. As such, many Power BI topics are equally relevant for Excel users that want to give their excel solutions a more solid, secure and powerful foundation.

With this group, we want to foster an intensive exchange around these technologies. Our Meetups feature presentations by Power BI users and experts, and opportunities to network, exchange tips and talk shop with other users.

Our Github Repository is here: https://github.com/mark-optiopay/berlin-pbi-group

Our site on the PUG Community is here: http://www.pbiusergroup.com/berlin

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Power Query Workshop Series: Combining files with different date formats

Hi Power Query enthusiasts, one of the great functions of Power Query is importing data from a folder and combining the data from all files in one table. This works fine as long as all files contain the same column structure and the data format is the same. But if you're in an international company, and get the files delivered from different countries in the world, chances are, that every country sends you a file using their local date and/or number format. Don't worry, Power Query can automate the task of transforming the different date/number formats to an equal format before combining the files. You just need to tell it how :) In the Workshop we will look at different approaches to solve this! I will offer one or two possible solutions and I am looking forward to your solutions. See you there, and until then stay healthy and keep POWERQUERYing on! Chris, Artur & Michael

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