• Investing in Berlin Real Estate | Know your market, know the numbers

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    Dear fellow Real Estate and passive cashflow lovers! I have founded this group three years ago and I wanted to go big with it. As life sometimes is, I had my real estate company and my part time master studies, which consumed a lot of my time. Nevertheless this group grew bigger and bigger, and I am proud that we are now 169 members. Lets start this group again with a meetup: +++++++++ Thursday, 7th of September 2017, 7pm - 9:30 pm in our company office (location may change, when too many people sign up!) +++++++++ In this first meetup after three years, I just would like to get to know you and your interests! I am founder of GROSZEWSKI REAL ESTATE (www.groszewski-re.com), and so I work now as a Real Estate Agent and Investor for aprox. three years. I will give you a talk about: - How do you calculate the numbers for your real estate investment? - How do banks in Germany work and how you get a loan? - How I made it to spend exactly 0€ with my last investment, buying three apartments After my presentation, lets just talk to each other and get each other to know. Now I want to grow with you guys and make our next meetups special! Looking forward to meeting all of you! Just write me a message if you have any wishes for this upcoming meetup! All the best, Martin

  • Networking: Real Estate in Berlin

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    After the first meetup being a success, I am proud to announce the second. The main focus here will be on networking and finding possible synergies. There are many interesting personalities in this group, so I am sure it will be a very valuable evening. Please feel free to join. Also please contact me, if you have any special suggestions for the meetup (e.g. pitching your business). Best regards Martin

  • 1st Berlin Real Estate meetup & network

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    This first meeting will be mainly for networking and getting each other to know. There are the bullet points on the evening's agenda so far: 1) AvoTRAVEL Startup-Pitch (www.avotravel.com) 2) WUNDERAGENT Startup-Pitch (www.wunderagent.com) 3) Discussing about possible synergies in this group and further topics. Both startups are very relevant to Real Estate in Berlin, so there will be space to get to know the founders and their business models behind it. I am working on getting a space at the ImmobilienScout24-HQ, but as I am still waiting for the confirmation, I organized the Café Elfida as a meeting place (as there is a beamer and nice quite atmosphere). Looking forward to the meeting. Best regards, Martin