What we're about

A meetup that will focus on the technology behind search engines, lessons learned and topics related to Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, Information Retrieval and performance optimization of search engines.

In this meetup we want to share knowledge and experiences that engineers and scientists have gathered through developing and tuning search engines. We’d like to build a search community that’s not just active in Berlin. We would love to invite other speakers who want to share their learnings, just drop me (us) a line.

Ground rules:
1. No talking about SEO
2. No “Solr vs Elasticsearch” discussions

Join our Slack:

ecom-search.slack.com (https://join.slack.com/t/ecom-search/shared_invite/enQtMzcwOTgxODY4ODY0LTkzNTBhZWM1ZjdmMDdlZDFlOWFhMWEwNmFmYmJlODA1OTdjN2Y0YTJmYjkyZDRlMGZkM2Q5NjQ4MmUwNDM3OTE)

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