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Seasteaders, ocean lovers, tech entrepreneurs, and climate change activists, please come join us as we discuss how seasteading can offer solutions to most of today's problems - from climate change to forced labor.

Seasteading is a simple idea: What would happen if anyone could build a new sovereign nation on floating platforms in international waters? Seasteaders believe this would make governments compete for citizens by providing better services.

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Promoting Seasteading at a Liberty Event with Tony Olsen (August Social)

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Once a month, we will host a free, online discussion on a topic related to seasteading. This month, the topic is “Promoting Seasteading at a Liberty Event with Tony Olsen.”

Tony Olsen is the founder of Freedom Haven, a seasteading project designed around using a custom mega ship built by Samsung Heavy Industries as the starting point for starting a floating community outside the Exclusive Economic Zone.

In June, Tony traveled to PorcFest with the intention of recruiting new supporters for Freedom Haven. He planned to host pancake breakfast every day and give several presentations. He also has a creative approach to fundraising.

Come join a conversation with Tony to talk about how to build support for a seasteading project.

You can learn more about the Freedom Haven project by listening to the Seasteading Today podcast episode, “Container Ship Community with Tony Olsen” and watch Tony’s presentation from our April 2021 Seasteading Social “Governance Discussion (Part 1)”.

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