What we're about

Berlin has so much to offer and so many new people are moving here all the time. This group is for people who want to get out and explore this city and make some new friends along the way. Please note that we consider the definition of "Going Out" to involve more than just going to the "Castle Pub", "Cafe Caras" or "Melbourne Canteen" which pay the organizers to bring people to them, nor do we own a bar and have created a meetup just to bring people to us every Friday for cocktails by Ostkreuz [cough cough]

Besides attending public events, we host our own semi-private large parties like the "Cupid is Stupid" night held on Valentine's Day, attending the "St Patrick's Day Parade" to welcome Spring, and maybe others like a Stinko-de-Mayo on May 5th. Stay tuned!

If you're a social person and are interested in hosting events, please get in touch with me

Chris, "the Tall Guy In The Baseball Hat"

PS - BTW, Please do not post a suggested Meetup to this group without discussing it with me first. And any Meetup suggested for BSA&E cannot also be posted to another Meetup, just here

PPS - If you are truly new to Berlin, please watch out for pick-pockets as you go about town! More and more thieves are focusing on targetting young people in bars and clubs these days sorry to say

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