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Inspired by: https://www.meetup.com/SF-Video-Technology/

The Berlin Video Tech Meetup is for anyone interested in video technology, media players, streaming, transcoding, codecs, content management, publishing platforms, OTT platforms, STB/IOT/connected devices, open standards, live-streaming/broadcast, VoD, DRM, content protection, free and open source software implementations, WebAudio API, low-level-problems related to media contribution/distribution/playout, and last but not least audio-only or music distribution/publishing :)

This sounds all very much about the world of media distribution on web/apps, but we can also talk about more core video topics as color-mapping, lighting, rendering, or broadcast topics as studio production tools, or any kind of programming-related topic that helped you with your work - if people just come up and make this meetup what they imagine it to be :)

This can also have an opening on touching topics related to creatives, but also audio/sound/music technology/engineering/production, video editing, audio sound effect, gaming, computer graphics, visualization, virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) ... "media" in the broadest sense ;)

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Berlin Video Tech: Round 3

Fraunhofer FOKUS

We can finally announce the third round of our little video tech-related meetup in Berlin. Again the meetup will be hosted at Fraunhofer FOKUS in Charlottenburg. This time it will be co-hosted with the 8th FOKUS Media Web Symposium. The 8th FOKUS Media Web Symposium (May 21-22) will offer the latest insights in internet delivered media such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science for next-gen Media, Advanced Streaming Tech, 5G, VR/ AR / 360° Video, Dynamic Ad Insertion, Addressable TV, SmartTV/ HbbTV, related standardization and market developments. Following our tradition of providing a platform for international technology experts, the latest developments of web technologies and up-and-coming trends of the creative industry will be presented and discussed. Register here https://fokusmws.eventbrite.com/ in order to attend MWS conference before we'll wrap up the day with the Berlin Video Tech meetup. For the meetup, we will have two presentations as usual, followed by a casual get-together with drinks and pizza! This time we have the honour to welcome the following two presenters: 1. Christophe Nau (Google) will talk about pre-fetching ad requests, why it's needed, the challenges, how Google does it 2. Phil Cluff (Mux) will talk about the state of libre video on the internet and technologies to reach as many users and devices as possible

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Berlin Video-Tech: Round 2

Fraunhofer FOKUS

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