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The Berlin Video Tech Meetup is for anyone interested in video technology, media players, streaming, transcoding, codecs, content management, publishing platforms, OTT platforms, STB/IOT/connected devices, open standards, live-streaming/broadcast, VoD, DRM, content protection, free and open source software implementations, WebAudio API, low-level-problems related to media contribution/distribution/playout, and last but not least audio-only or music distribution/publishing :)

This sounds all very much about the world of media distribution on web/apps, but we can also talk about more core video topics as color-mapping, lighting, rendering, or broadcast topics as studio production tools, or any kind of programming-related topic that helped you with your work - if people just come up and make this meetup what they imagine it to be :)

This can also have an opening on touching topics related to creatives, but also audio/sound/music technology/engineering/production, video editing, audio sound effect, gaming, computer graphics, visualization, virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) ... "media" in the broadest sense ;)

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