The Voice Interface Space 2018 - #MakersEdition


The first Voice Interface Meetup in 2018 is a special #MakersEdition. People from the community share their insights in short lightning talks and demos.

19h - Doors open

19:30h - 20:30h - 8x6-minutes talks


19:30h - Opening
19:38h - Leo Füchsel - "Enhancing a WebApp with a VUI" (
19:46h - Anil Krishnashetty - "How we designed an Amazon Alexa skill in 1 hour without coding"
19:54h - Tom Jadczyk - "CardioCube - Voice of the health revolution"
20:02h - Florian Hollandt - "Designing for retention in voice games"
20:10h - Kirill Zonov - "IBM Watson voice recognition"
20:18h - José Mussa - "Alexa Skills using javascript pure functions" (
20:25h - Olaf Resch - "Open Knowledge Interface" (
20:32h - Alex Kamphorst - "Contoba - A VUI Design Tool You’ll Love"

20:40h Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst with pizza, beer and non-alcoholic beverages sponsored by Babbel.