Web Audio Meetup #5 - The buzzing bridge

Berlin Web Audio Meetup
Berlin Web Audio Meetup
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We are so excited to announce the next Web Audio meetup, this time we'll meet at Ableton and listen to some contemporary takes on funky ancient instruments.

"Pushy-gushy and push2.js" by Benjamin Jefferys (@free_bear_rides (https://twitter.com/free_bear_rides), Ableton (https://www.ableton.com/))

Benjamin will demonstrate Pushy-gushy, a WebAudio/WebMIDI toy which turns Ableton’s Push 2 into a Hurdy-gurdy, a thousand year old musical instrument which makes a very special sound. Behind the scenes it's built upon push2.js, a JavaScript library which wraps up the published Push 2 MIDI specification in some nice JavaScripty sugar.

"Non-Audio Signal Processing" by Christoph Guttandin

While I was porting a Shazam-like application to create and compare fingerprints of audio files from Python to JavaScript, I realized that a lot of the number crunching could probably be done faster and more efficient by using the Web Audio API. Of course, using the Web Audio API with non audio signals wasn’t as easy as I thought but it was worth the effort. I want to share pros and cons of this approach with you.


19:00 doors open
19:30 talks start


Ableton, Schönhauser Allee 6-7, 10119 Berlin
Access through second courtyard, 1st floor