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Web Audio Meetup #10 - Visionary Noises

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Attila H. and Guergana T.


In a dramatic last minute crescendo, we'd like to announce the next edition of our meetup, with no less than three speakers!

👁 Rafael Silva: A Gift of Sound and Vision

This talk is a curious journey through signal processing in the browser. Image and sound are arrays, so let's invert things and hear a color! If a guitar pedal affects a waveform's characteristics, how will an image look like if it passes through an overdrive pedal? Was David Bowie predicting how awesome would our APIs be in 1977 when "Low" was released?

✅ Christoph Guttandin: Using the Latest Features of the Web Audio API in Every Browser

About 4 years ago Christoph started a little project to polyfill some parts of the Web Audio API he needed the most. Nowadays standardized-audio-context brings an almost feature complete implementation of the latest spec to every major browser. It is covered by 1364 tests and uses 385 more tests to monitor the API surface of all supported browsers.

This talk is about the latest API changes and how they can be used today. But it will also cover how things are implemented behind the scenes and will explain why some fairly new concepts can't be implemented in a every browser without trade-offs. This talk will also hightlight some things which can only be achieved by using a polyfill like testing Web Audio code outside the browser or having reliable type definitions.

🍳 Spencer Rudnick: Synth Kitchen

Web Audio provides a nice API for dynamically defining audio graphs, with AudioNodes acting as useful building blocks. Synth Kitchen is a project with the goal of using internet software to make modular synthesis cheap and accessible. With plans to add support for external MIDI, the web app will eventually be able to integrate with a DAW or act as a standalone instrument.

19:00 doors open
19:30 talks start

Berlin moz://a Community Space
Schlesische Straße 27, 10997 Berlin

We'd like to thank Mozilla for kindly hosting us for this edition!

💬 You can join the worldwide web audio slack community here:

See you in the #berlin channel!
Mozilla Berlin office
Schlesische Str. 27 · Berlin, BE
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