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A cozy book swap and chat meetup!
The "classic" bookswap is simple - we meet in a café, you bring the book(s) you want to share with the world, put them on the table, leaf through and discuss the books that others brought while sipping coffee (or Kinderkakao or beer) and, at the end of the evening, take a new-to-you-book home! Books/happiness shared are books/happiness multiplied! This is a great way to give books a new home and make room for new books: that book you feel guilty for not having read even though it's been sitting on your bedside table for the last 5 years, the book you liked but didn't love, the book you loved so much you want everyone to read it, the book you somehow own three copies of, that book you absolutely hated even though everyone else loves it, etc., etc., etc.... And chances are high you'll go home with an alluring stranger you never would have thought of reading before (OR that book you've been lusting after for years but never enough to actually buy!). GROUP EXPECTATIONS for PLEASANT SWAPPING • Please bring a book! Some people bring more than one, and the organizers usually have a handful, but if everybody ends up not bringing a book, we have nothing to swap, except stories. Which isn't a bad thing, but I assume most people have hopes of finding a new book as well as a new friend. • Books stay on the table, open for sharing, until you are ready to leave so everyone can have a fair look See a book you like? Please put your name down as a candidate to take it home (we provide sticky notes!), and wait to see if anybody else is interested before snapping it up, as in, please wait until you are leaving. One of the key aspects of the swap is getting exposed to books outside of our library bubble, so it's important to keep the books as open to sharing as possible. If two or more people want the only copy of a book, talk it over. Maybe you can swap contact info to share the book one after the other. Or maybe it turns out one of you isn't that interested, or has found another book instead. Or one of you REALLY wants to read it. The best part: now you have found somebody whose taste you can really admire. Also, don't be shy! Don't shy away from a book because there's already a name on it, and feel free to put your name on as many books as you want. (Hedge your bets!) We're more generous than just bring-one-take-one. When you leave, please let the group know which book you are taking, in case somebody forgot to write the title down on their "to read" list. • Book Swap is 10 times better than a Book Club because you can talk about ALL the books instead of just one! Did you read a different title from the same author on the table? Tell us what you thought. Or read a book that you absolutely loved that you didn't bring, but you can't stop gushing about? Pitch it to us! One of the best books I've read from Swap was an off-table recommendation that I went out and bought because it sounded so interesting, and it delivered. Half the fun of Book Swap is swapping recommendations for reads that aren't even on the table. The other half is meeting other great readers. Another half is taking home that new book! We won't judge you if you didn't read the book you brought. Also, no wait list here! The more the merrier. • NO SPOILERS! Unless all parties consent. • NO POLITICS. (please.) Unless you're talking about a book. It's Friday night. Let's leave current events at the office for once, please. Please respect this space as first and foremost a community for connecting readers over their love of books and reading, stories, and narratives of all sorts. Please be respectful of tastes and opinions. If something is bothering you, please reach out to the organisers. • Don't expect your book back: if you love it, let it go In spirit, this is an opportunity to share=lend books among peers. In practice, this is more of a book-giveaway-event. It is NEVER guaranteed you will get your book back, even with your name and email inside the book with a "Please Return." Some people don't come back to the group or won't return your emails. If you're really serious, it's best to get the borrower's contact info and prod them for it. Discuss when and how they can return it. Note: our staunch "Regulars" (readers who come at least once per month) are significantly more likely to come back with the book if you ask them (and you have to come back too!). On the other hand, some books keep coming back like bad pennies. • PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR ORDER and tip your server. • Nobody took your book? Place it in the BOOK TREE ( just outside the cafe for good swapping karma! Sometimes the organizers will also take orphan books home to bring back to the next swap. Or take your book home and try again next time. To every book its reader, and to every reader their book. (I'm really serious about swapping karma! I've found some exciting reads in that tree.) • Major LANGUAGES (and genres) of this meetup English, German, French; Fiction, Non-Fiction, Serious Reading, Light Fun, Everything! On average I think it's 60% English, 40% German, and 10% French somehow, usually 80% fiction, but the mix is different every time. One of the best compliments the group has received is the consistently high quality of reading material on the table. We have "classics," we have best sellers, Krimis, Booker winners, and everything in between. You never know who can read what languages, and there's no accounting for taste. Wir sprechen Deutsch! We speak English! Nous parlons francais! We are a delightful and international group of readers. We look forward to swapping with you!


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If you love turning the paper pages over, one by one, and seeing the bookmark approaching the end cover; if you love the freshly-printed book-scent; if you love the old musty book-scent; if you love to explore the imaginative worlds that a good story offers; if you want to talk about ALL the books instead of just one, and are a believer in the alchemic slogan "liber enim librum aperit" (one book opens another) and in the library-mantra of "to every book its reader & to every reader their book" -- this meetup is for you!

Looking forward to seeing you and your book at our next meetup.

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