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Talk & Play #17

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Lorenzo P.


Important: RSVP via is mandatory to attend the talks, due to limited seating capacity. Registrations will open on Wednesday, January 27th at 2pm CET (Berlin time). Please note that registration won't be required to attend the event from 9pm for the game showcase part.

Talk & Play is a free event, taking place every two months, that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet and exchange knowledge in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. Everybody's welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we'll make sure you have a good time! Important: this is NOT an event only aimed at developers – keep in mind that I'm not one myself :P


The event is structured in two parts:

— TALK: A series of game-related presentations, usually followed by a Q&A session.

— PLAY: All participants are welcome to bring games they've made or are still working on so that the audience can play them – a perfect opportunity to discover and play new games, collect feedback and, who knows?, maybe find collaborators for future projects.


This time we're trying a new format: short talks only, 5 minutes each!

Making Fabulous Beasts: a videogame with bits that fall over by George Buckenham

Over from London, George will talk about the design process behind Fabulous Beasts, a digital physical hybrid game about making a world of fabulous creatures by stacking game pieces in a precarious tower.

George Buckenham is a game designer and curator who has made games with custard, electronics, pianos and computers. @v21 ( // ( // (

The Future of Cardboard by Chris Ward

How digital games are influencing board games and vice versa. Chris will discuss the numerous ways that board games are joining the digital era.

Chris Ward: Developer Relations, Technical Writing and Editing, (Board) Game Design, Education, Explanation and always more to come. @ChrisChinch ( //

Social fiction games by Christiane Hütter

How to play(test) complex future societies?

Christiane Hütter/Frau Hue is berlin based artist and designs games worldwide with Invisible Playground or the Society for Cultural Optimism. She is breeding an egg. @aergernistin ( // ( // ( // (

How to talk without talking by Maximilian Kiese

This short talk is about how and why to give information to the player, by using the game elements themselves instead of classical UI or language.

Maximilian Kiese is learning how to make things - most of all games - that's why he is currently a student of Game Design at the University of Applied Science in Berlin. @MxKiese (

Wolf in game's clothing: a manifest by Sebastián Uribe

Videogame developers are not always aware of the different messages that their videogames - like other forms of media - carry, and may end up repeating a mainstream discourse with which they not agree.

Sebastián Uribe is an independent videogame developer who cares about content and context in videogames. @suribe ( // (

Games for science. Entangled between work and play. by Sonia Fizek

In this talk I will make an attempt to unpack the recent fascinating and contradicting phenomenon of online citizen science games, which combine the world of frivolous play with that of serious work.

Dr. Sonia Fizek is a games scholar, a digital wanderer and an aspiring game designer. @SFonic ( // (

The schizophrenic mind of a one-man team by Stephan Hövelbrinks

Lessons learned and not learned while juggling programming/art/design/writing/marketing.

Stephan Hövelbrinks is an independent game developer working on post-apocalyptic roleplaying game Death Trash. @talecrafter ( // (


This is the list of confirmed games that will be shown during the second part of the evening:

— 3030 Deathwar Redux ( by Bird in Sky & Crunchy Leaf Games
— A truth about sex ( by Team Hatchlings
— Card Thief ( by Tinytouchtales
— Daiichi Dash ( by KKM Interactive Entertainment UG
— Death Trash ( by Stephan Hövelbrinks
— DYO ( by Team DYO
— Fabulous Beasts ( by Sensible Object
— Gibbl ( by Alexej Grohe
— King of Kalimpong ( piinecone
— Magical Renaissance ( by Luca Beisel
— Mixup ( by Mixdown
— Morning Rush ( by Team Morning Rush
— Of Carrots And Blood ( + Darwing ( by Trite Games
— One Show Only ( by Tristan Dahl
— OP90 ( by Daniel Schüler, Andrey Thomas
— Perlinoid ( by Jumpsuit Entertainment
— Satan Summoning Simulator ( by ggj-rats
— Starfallen ( by What Games
— Super Walljump by Dinesh
— Twisted Lines ( by Megagon Industries

Game showcase registrations are now closed. If your game is not on the list above you're still welcome to bring it, but we can’t guarantee there will be space to show it – please check with a member of the team from 9pm.


— 19:00 Doors: come early to get one of the best seats

— 19:30 Talks

— 21:00 Game showcase & networking: play games and chat with their creators, or just hang around and meet new people

— 23:00 The end aka "Gone Home ("


Our Safe Space Policy ( encourages the behaviour at Talk & Play. We request that everyone who is affiliated with and participates to the event honours it.

Check out the recap of the previous event ( if you want to get a better idea of what Talk & Play is like.

The event is free to attend.


Do you have any questions? Would you like to give a talk in the future? Then get in touch (!

Talk & Play is organised by ( with the promotional and technical support of the monthly Berlin Mini Game Jam ( and A MAZE. (
Game Science Center Berlin 2.0
Besselstrasse 14, 10969 · Berlin
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