Talk & Play #22


Important: RSVP via Meetup is mandatory to attend the talks, due to limited seating capacity – registrations are now open. Please note that registration won’t be required to attend the event from 21:00 for the game showcase part.

Talk & Play is a free event, taking place every two months, that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. Everybody's welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we'll make sure you have a good time! Important: this is NOT an event only aimed at developers – keep in mind that I'm not one myself :P


The event is structured in two parts:

— TALK: A series of short game-related presentations

— PLAY: All participants are welcome to bring games they've made or are still working on so that the audience can play them – a perfect opportunity to discover and play new games, collect feedback and, who knows?, maybe find collaborators for future projects.


Allan Cudicio: Was Luigi Gay?
As an intersection between media and technology, video-games are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream. Just as in films and books, LGBT diversity in video-games is turning from a nice conversation to a wider debate. How has game development dealt with Queer characters and themes in the past? How are things changing?

Allan Cudicio is Game Designer at King. Previously involved in the business side of software development, he has now switched to full time design of mobile games. // @ilcudi (

Jana Reinhardt: SOLITUDE
How visiting a shepherding contest resulted in a personal game with sheeple.

Jana Reinhardt is 1/2 of game development studio Rat King. // @RottenHedgehog (

Linda Kerkhoff: Girls Make Games – Recap of the First Workshop in Berlin
We organized a one day workshop where we taught middle school aged girls about making games. Everything from game design, concepting, and programming. The talk will be about the organization of the event, how the event went, and discuss feedback and lessons learned that we’ll take to future events.

Linda is working as an engineer in Berlin’s games industry since 2013 and helped organising the first Girls Make Games workshop in Berlin. // @LyraHolunder (


Here’s the list of confirmed games that will be shown during the second part of the evening, from 21:00:

— All Walls Must Fall ( by inbetweengames
— DYO ( by Team DYO
— Hasty Melons ( by Minitrope
— Hubert’s Hideout ( by Team Omelette
— MOMENTUM ( by Team NeonChameleon
— Monster Garden ( by Zack Wood
— PippiPilots ( by David Smit
— Pirates of the Stormy Sea ( by PURGlab
— Planet Elysia ( TD by Mad Hats Assembly
— pong and a keyboard ( by Sven Ahlgrimm
— RotoRing ( by Gregory Kogos
— SOLITUDE ( by Rat King
— Stars of Icarus ( by Crunchy Leaf Games
— The Fermi Paradox ( by Jörg Reisig
— Tumbling Home ( by Tristan Dahl
— Unforeseen Incidents ( by Backwoods Entertainment
— Vei – The Trail of Life by Keenfox Studios

Game showcase registrations are now closed. If your game is not on the list above you’re still welcome to bring it, but we can’t guarantee there will be space to show it – please check with a member of the team from 21:00.


— 19:00 Doors (if you come earlier you'll have to wait outside, as we need to prepare the venue)

— 19:30 Talks start

— 21:00 Game showcase & networking: play games and chat with their creators, or just hang around and meet new people

— 23:00 The end aka "Gone Home ("


Our Safe Space Policy ( encourages the behaviour at Talk & Play. We request that everyone who is affiliated with and participates to the event honours it.

Besides recording the talks (thank you Iwan (!), we're also documenting the game showcase part in pictures ( (thank you Julian (!) and vines ( (thank you Nomi (!). Documentation is important for us, as it helps promote the event and attract a new, wider and more diverse audience (that's how it worked so far at least). For those who'd like to attend, but don’t want to be appear in any pictures or videos, we're going to distribute some neon stickers at the door that you can wear on your chest to make it clear that you don't want to appear in any picture or video.

The event is free to attend.


Do you have any questions? Would you like to give a talk in the future? Then get in touch (!

Talk & Play is organised by ( with the promotional and technical support of the monthly Berlin Mini Game Jam ( and A MAZE. (