Talk & Play #32 – open air unconference edition!


Important: RSVP via Meetup is mandatory to attend the event!

Talk & Play is a free event, taking place every two months, that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. Everybody's welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we'll make sure you have a good time! This is NOT an event only aimed at developers.

Talk & Play is kindly sponsored by Kickstarter (, a global community built around creativity and creative projects. Michael Liebe, Outreach Games Europe, will be present to answer all your crowdfunding-related questions.

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The event is structured in two parts:

— TALK: Short game-related presentations + announcements from the community

— PLAY: All participants are welcome to exhibit games and projects they've made

For this edition, since it's happening right in the middle of the summer, it will probably be too warm to stay indoors, so we're planning to do something different: gather in the green space right in front of the Game Science Center and run an unconference, inspired by Lost Levels ( This means that all participants will be able to give a spontaneous short talk, if they like! Some notes:

— Talks shouldn't be longer than 5 minutes
— There will be no microphones or speakers
— There will be no screen or projector, so don't prepare slides (you can bring paper signs and use them as slides, or a tablet, or... use your imagination)
— Ideally the talk should be game/play-related, we're not too strict though ;)
— Normally talks at the event are in English, but if you feel more comfortable speaking in German that's also ok
— Depending on the audience size, we might split into different groups, with multiple talks happening at the same time
— Anyone can just sign up to give a talk on the spot, but if you want to sign up in advance or have any questions get in touch:

It will still be possible to showcase projects as usual, just keep in mind that since the event might take place outdoors, there won't be access to electricity. That means that analog (tabletop), physical and mobile games will work best – but you're still more than welcome to bring your laptop of course!

In case of bad weather (it's Berlin after all, so you never know), the event will still take place, indoors, like during the rest of the year. But it currently looks like it's going to be fine... so bring a picnic blanket to sit on!

Regardless of the weather conditions, the Game Science Center will be accessible for drinks and restrooms.

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Here's the projects that will be exhibited:

— Chessfinity by Steffen Römer // orkitec
— Death Trash by Crafting Legends
— Fightlings: The Card Game by Thoughtfish
— Galactic Glitch by Crunchy Leaf Games
— High Five Romance Race by RAT KING
— Jojojo by Joriam
— La Carga by Juan Useche & Linsey Raymaekers
— Plastik by Cäcilia
— Poke the Hive by Jan Leuschner
— Quantic Dojo by Galen Radtke
— Séance by Tyu
— Stay Hydrated by Melissa, Claude
— Sternkind by Dennis Kurzeja
— Toshio Custom by Toshio

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— 19:00 Doors

— 19:30 Unconference / talks start

— 21:00 Game showcase

— 23:00 The end

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Our Safe Space Policy ( encourages the behaviour at Talk & Play. We request that everyone who is affiliated with and participates to the event honours it.

Our event is documented by Julian Dasgupta ( For those who don’t want to be appear in any pictures or videos, we're going to distribute some stickers at the door to wear and signal this.

The event is free to attend, but donations are welcome. We usually pass around a donation box after the talks.

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Do you have any questions? Get in touch: