Talk & Play #39
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RSVP via Meetup is mandatory to attend the talks, due to limited seating capacity. Registration won’t be required to attend the event from 21:00 for the game showcase part.

Talk & Play is a free event, taking place every two months, that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. Everybody's welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we'll make sure you have a good time! This is NOT an event only aimed at developers.

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— 19:00 Doors
— 19:30 Talks, project pitches & community announcements
— 21:00 Project showcase & networking
— 23:00 The end

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For this edition we'll have 4 talks, 5 minutes each:

— Em Lazer-Walker: Running a live battle royale game with a team of 2?!
Flappy Royale is Flappy Bird reimagined as a 100-player battle royale. We'll talk about how we designed a massively multiplayer online game requiring no server upkeep, and how the game is secretly an act of guerilla game history preservation. // @lazerwalker

— Freja Alexandra Knudsen & Marek Plichta: Socks & Sandals
The day we dressed up as silly looking German tourist and went to fancy galleries in our hometown Berlin. A game about performing and embarrassing yourself in the real world. // // @artbymarek

— Maren Brede: Surrounded by introverts — Tales of a role-playing (mis)fit
What I observed during two campaigns of DnD and learned about myself and games.

— Marishka Zachariah: How Building Virtual Worlds Helped me Explore and Define my Mental Health and Queerness
In this talk, Marishka explores their design structure on how building virtual worlds based on their personal experiences helped address topics surrounding their queerness and anxiety. They will also discuss various ways they design within limitations, especially in regards to physical space, and prioritizing evoking the feeling of a space and situation, rather than simply mapping out the exact space itself.

As usual, there will also be a section dedicated to short announcements from the community – get in touch to reserve a spot:

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These are the projects that will be exhibited during the second part of the evening:

— A Game about a Flame by Käthe Keller, Samir Riecke
— A Stubborn Tale by Philipp Mallmann
— Albert+Zoé by Appeau Studio
— Codecks
— Corepox by Tom Larkworthy
— Disconicon by Laura Dobson
— Dogo Dash by Talita Rhein
— EZRA by Landesverband Kinder- und Jugendfilm Berlin e.V.
— Fable Manners by Dunja Lazic
— Knise by
— Lethal League Blaze by Team Reptile
— Little Toys Beat The Crap out Of Each Other Simulator 2019 by Yichen Li, Yan Liu
— Maze Machina by Tinytouchtales
— October Night Games
— School Wars!! by Annika Maar
— Sector F by G3D17 Students
— Skeeper by Gregory Kogos
— Sternkind by Dennis Kurzeja
— The Underground King by Alexandru Nechita
— Type Swap by Kristian Bergmann

Project links at (sadly they don't fit in here!)

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Our Safe Space Policy ( encourages the behaviour at Talk & Play. We request that everyone who is affiliated with and participates to the event honours it.

Are you attending the event for the first time, or are you coming on your own? The Talk & Play Ambassadors will be there to assist you from 21:00, and answers any questions you have. The Ambassadors for this edition are Allan Cudicio, Luca Scaramuzzin and Maria Wagner.

The event is free to attend.

Get in touch if you have any questions: