What we're about

OpenIDEO Bern is hosted by Impact Hub Bern and is part of a global network of "Tribes" for global & local engagement on complex topics that require design, facilitate collaboration.

We are an inclusive group of designers, social innovators, creative entrepreneurs, and diverse professionals who use methods form Design Thinking, Circular Economy Guide and IDEO_HCD toolboxes that originated with IDEO.com

«OpenIDEO.org is a global community working together to design real-world solutions to some of the world’s biggest practical challenges." When a local group comes together for an OpenIDEO challenge they are taking part in a decentralised incubator for social or ecologic innovation process which may include several hundred teams contributing and cross learning from each other during the 6-12 week process ending with selection and awards to the top ideas and products/service solutions from around the world. Your local team gets to learn in the first two phases from hundreds of other teams around the world that are creating the global capacity to learn, apply, level up and share methods, journeys, passion with the will to make a difference at several local and international scales at once.

We come together to inspire each other and hold spaces for what is not possible in our daily career jobs. As your host, I ground meetings on appreciative listening to what is important to the people who show up and contribute while also asking who needs to be in the space for viable engagement. I host open dialogue, methods and experience sharing and creative harvesting on complex topics that are also locally relevant actionable in our region. We strive to develop the collaboration skills, mindset and practices to work effectively on the challenges of this time.

We hope you will join our next community meeting and take part in collaborating for a better future.

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